Mael Eoin and Ysmay

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Baron:Mael Eoin mac Echuid
Baroness:Ysmay de Lynn
Baronage of:Bhakail
Preceded by:Darmon and Sabine
Succeeded by:Presently Seated


Announced by Edward II and Þora on January 5th, A.S. XLVII (2013) at East Kingdom 12th Night in the Barony of Iron Bog.

Invested by Gregor IV and Kiena II on June 29th, A.S. XLVIII (2013) at Bhakail Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Bhakail.


  • Bhakail Baronial Investiture, 06/29/2013
  • Pennsic XLII, 07/19/2013 to 08/03/2013
  • Bhakail Champions & Commons, 08/18/2013
  • El Cid: The Event, 11/09/2013
  • Bhakail Yule: A Tudor Yule, 12/14/2013
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