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Dzien Dobry,

I am Röd Kythe Szubielka Seneschal of the Barony of Stonemarche Former Jester to Duquesa Isabella of York (2x)

Awards: Queens Order of Courtesy, Award of Arms, Order of the Millstone, Recipient of the Iron E


Kythe originates from the court of Duke Conrod of Monrovia in 1220 Poland. The Teutonic Order has just been invited by the Duke to protect and fight the heathen Prussians on the Eastern Border. Instead they donated the land they were using to Pope Clementine who then gave it back to the order and summarily stole the property from the Duke. Kythe was wandering through the merchant stall of Krakow when he came upon a round fruit as bright as a brass coin. The merchant was from Scotland and showed him how to eat the delicious fruit. Kythe was so enamored that he decided it was worth seeing the world and going to Scotland to find more of these oranges. On his travels he met Mistress Morwynna Crewe and her Laird. They introduced him to Lady Sine Ruadh Friseal whom became his wife. On returning to Conrad's Court, the Teutonic Order was attempting to take over the region. Kythe and Sine fled and settled in the Barony of Stonemarche in the East Kingdom where they still currently reside.

Kythe runs a small business known as the Inn of Bard's Rest.

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Barony of Stonemarche, 06/2009 to Present

Event Staff

  • Assistant Steward, Harpers Retreat, 9/2011
  • Reservation Steward, Harpers Retreat, 9/2010
  • Reservation Steward, Harpers Retreat, 9/2009
  • Reservation Steward, Harpers Retreat, 9/2008
  • Reservation Steward, Harpers Retreat, 9/2007
  • Autocrat, Midsummers 6/2009
  • Autocrat, Harpers Retreat 9/2005
  • Autocrat, Harpers Retreat 9/2004
  • Autocrat, Harpers Retreat 9/2003
  • Autocrat, Yule 12/2002
  • Kitchen Help for Michaelmas 9/1999
  • Feastocrat for SCadian Wedding 8/1998
  • Autocrat, Stonewar 6/1998
  • Host of regular Craftnite 5/2000- Present

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