Konrad II and Brenwen II

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King:Konrad von Ulm
Queen:Brenwen the Faire
East Kingdom Crown #:84
Preceded by:Andreas IV and Gabriella II
Succeeded by:Edward and Marguerite




  • Chief of Staff: Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey
  • Royal Secretarial Staff: Mistress Suzanne DeLondres, Baroness Hedewigis Okenfusin, Mistress Cellach ingen Chernaig
  • Royal Herald: The Honorable Lord, Don Malcolm Bowman
  • Head Lady in Waiting: Baroness Vienna de la Mer
  • Head Retainer: Dona Emeline Patterson
  • Captain of the Queen's Guard: His Excellency, Don Jean Xavier Boullier
  • Mistress of the Wardrobe: Baroness Helene Loisel
  • Web Master: The Honorable Lord Owynn Greenwood

Queen's Guard:

  • Lady Camile des Jardin
  • Lord Donnan Fitzgerald
  • Lord Donovan Shinnock
  • Lord Eirikr Thorisson
  • Lord Enzo Fishmonger
  • Lord Joseph the Bold
  • Lord Gulug-jab Tangghudai
  • Lord Mark Viere
  • Lord Owynn Greenwood
  • Rhys ap Joseph
  • Chivalric Advisor: Sir Colin mac Eoain

Ladies in Waiting:

  • Lady Brunissende Dragonetter de Broceliande
  • Lady Ding Li Ying
  • Lady Kathryn Fontayne
  • Lady Katerina de la Bere


  • Lady Astrid Olafsdattir
  • Lord Tristan Winter
  • Francesca Damiani
  • Baroness Katrina MacAulish
  • Lady Tati'ana Negoshka Danilova
  • Hugo von Ulm
  • Lady Jehane de Fenwyk
  • Lord Thorlaeifr Hvitskegg

Royal Staff:

  • Baroness Cateline la Broderesse
  • Lady Elizabt Marshall
  • Master Robin Gallowglass




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