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The Kingdom Accessibility Porter encourages those groups and/or autocrats who consistently choose handicapped accessible sites, or who try to make their sites more accessible. Educates the populace of the East regarding the barriers that detract from the enjoyment of the activities of the Kingdom by gentles with disabilities, or which prevent these gentles from attending events at all.

Kingdom Accessibility Porters of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Edouard Chartier October 1996
Francesca Teresa Giani May 2001
Brid nic Shéarlais September 2004

Officers of the East Kingdom
Offices: Crown, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Chronicler, Exchequer, Herald, Lists, Marshal, Seneschal, Signet, Web, Youth
Officer Groups: College of Heralds, Pikestaff, University, War College
Other Information: Kingdom Law, Greater Officers of State, Lesser Officers of State
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