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Heraldry Needed
Award Information
Type:Other Award
Founded:01/31/2010 by Unknown

The King’s Esteem of Merit (established January 31st, A.S. 44 by Konrad II and Brenwen II)

  • a. The King’s Esteem of Merit may be awarded by the King, for any reason He deems worthy, to acknowledge special merit in an act, a series of acts, or general behavior that is not already properly recognized by other East Kingdom awards.
  • b. The token of the King’s Esteem of Merit is not defined, but will be specified in each Reign by the King.
  • c. Recommendations for this honor will not be requested or entertained.
  • d. A gentle may receive the King’s Esteem of Merit more than once, and no upper or lower limit on the number to be awarded per Reign will be imposed.
  • e. A scroll is optional.



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