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At Acorns and Pearls II
Resides:Barony of Stonemarche
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Argent, a horse courant and on a chief embattled azure three trinity knots argent
Awards & Offices



Baroness by the grace of Griffith and Aikaterine. Protege to Baroness Eleanor fitzPatrick, OP and member of Equus Celox and Duchy Tarragon.


Kiena is a world traveler. She is the neice of Warren Stewart, a well known shipping tycoon. Of recent years, her dear uncle has had to discontinue making as many trips due to his ailing health. So, the young Baroness spends many months at their estate in the South of Edinburgh or visiting the Royal courts. She is very fond of court life and the pomp, circumstance and entertainment that abounds around the Royals.

One of Kiena's favorite past times is riding. She secretly (well it's not a great secret) practices the games of the great knights much to her uncle's dismay, yet he does secretly admire her bravado and skill. "If only she were a man" he often ponders.

Her "family" consists of 2 horses, Valid Lupin - aka "Brady" Image:Validlupin.jpg

who is a 19 year old Thoroughbred. Brady is one of the favorites amongst the riders as he is so lovable, but his great passion for running "very" fast makes him a challenge to ride. Olga's Joy, aka "Banu" (who lives up to every each her call name) is a 13 year old Thoroughbred. Banu Image:Example.jpg is what we consider "special", but I love her very much anyway and I'm sure one day she will surprise us all. The rest of her family is rounded out by a miniature schnauzer, Jilly Image:Example.jpg, who is retired show champion and Geza Image:Example.jpg, a standard schnauzer, who is trying to make it to his second birthday. There is a cat too, Charlie, but he will argue that he does not belong to me, but to the horses.

Offices & Positions

Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal of Horse

Projects & Publications

Most of my projects are for myself, champion and household. I love making garb for me and my horses as well as silk painting which has become my latest craft hobby.

More Information

Equestrian Website

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