Katrusha the Skomorokh

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Boyarina Katrusha the Skomorokh.
Boyarina Katrusha the Skomorokh.
Full name: Boyarina Gospozha Katrusha Karpova doch' Negodiaev the Skomorokh.
Full name: Boyarina Gospozha Katrusha Karpova doch' Negodiaev the Skomorokh.

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Boyarina Katrusha the Skomorokh
Resides:Shire of Anglespur, East Kingdom
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices
AoA, Order of the Friends, Troubador



Boyarina Katrusha the Skomorokh.

Full name: Boyarina Gospozha Katrusha Karpova doch' Negodiaev the Skomorokh.

Living in Shire of Anglespur in the East Kingdom.

Laura is a married woman who takes pride in her cooking, spinning, and bardic arts. She is an archer, as well, having never been much of a fighter. She has a darling little boy named Johann who you will see her with quite often as he is her pride and joy. She adores helping wherever she can, though with her son, things have gotten more difficult. She is more than happy to cheer anyone up with a story, a song, or just an ear to listen. She's very giving, more than happy to teach what she knows. She adores cooking/baking for as many people as you can shove at her, forever a hostess.

Mundanely, Laura is a licensed veterinary technician who works right now as a stay-at-home mom. Having just recently bought a new house, she is still working on clearing up the acreage so she can start raising alpaca and plant some flax for her fiber obsessions. She is not only mom to a human, but also three cats and a snake. Laura is an avid gamer, both board/card and RPG and will happily jump at the chance to teach a game or get into one. She feels she is a perfectionist when it comes to baklava and is more than willing to prove her worth with her baked goods.

Apprenticed to Master William the Alchemist.

Awards up to date: AoA Order of the Friends Troubador


A resident of Novgorod from the 13th century, Katrusha is far from your average married woman. Though proud and self sufficient, she does still keep a happy home and enjoys baking and cooking for any who happen to be traveling through and need to be fed. She sings songs and tells stories that delight children in the day hours and can be known to get a little bawdy during the evening hours when the children are asleep. She spins fleece from her stock of animals to spin into yarn or weave into fine fabrics. She keeps her household clothed, fed, and forever happy with her tales. Having so many natural talents, it is no wonder she moved from her small home town to the thriving streets of Novgorod which sits on the silk and spice trails. Because of this, she is known to have many exotic items that she supplies for her family. Katrusha knows how to read and write and teaches her child these same skills.

Katrusha's mother died during child birth, so she did not fully learn all the skills necessary to a woman and was taught various things by her father and brother as well, such as how to shoot a bow. Having married a foreign man who was more forgiving of not knowing her place and roles, Katrusha gets away with things that many other women do not.

Offices & Positions

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Event Staff

Sideboard, Summer Archery Shoote 2009

Sideboard, Saint Nick's 2009

Feast, Hunter's Moon 2010

Households/Groups Involved With

Member of Vestfell Farmstead.

Member of Dione Sidhe Household.


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