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Mudthaw 2013
Resides:Settmour Swamp
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Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices
AOA, Bronze Tower, Ivory Tower



Karin Jacobsdotter has been with the SCA from 2006. She started by merchanting her handcrafted jewelry at Mudthaw and, later, at Quest, Settmour Swamp Events. SCA was so enjoyable that she started going to other events and helping the Barony with various demos and projects. Recently she has been helping with making scrolls and Medallions. She just got her AoA at Muthaw (2013), and has been awarded the Bronze Tower and Ivory Tower by Settmour Swamp. She teaches introduction to wire worked jewelry and basic metal fabrication at scholas and Metalsmiths Symposia. Her interests are metalsmithing, particularly white smithing, embroidery and scrolls. She is a member of the East Kingdom Metalsmiths Guild and Athena's Thimble.


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  • Helped with troll and in the kitchen at several events.

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