Jehannine de Flandres

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{{Populace|photo = Image:Jehannine_de_Flandres.jpg| photocaption = Baroness Jehannine de Flandres| location = Barony of Settmour Swamp | status = Active | device = | devicecaption = Vert, three fleurs-de-lys in pall inverted bases to center within a bordure argent|awards=Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Maunche {{OBT} Sag, GOA |offices=Kingdom Archivist, Baronial A&S Minister}}



14th century Flemish

Offices, Positions, & Awards

Kingdom Archivist, East Kingdom, Mar 2007 - Present

Mistress of A&S, Settmour Swamp, Sep 2008 - Present

Captain of Archers, Settmour Swamp, Sep 2006 – Sep 2008

Order of the Burdened Tyger, Jun 2009

Court Barony, Mar 2009

Companion of the Sagittarius, Jan 2009

Queen's Order of Courtesy, Mar 2008

Companion of the Maunche, Sep 2007

Companion of the Silver Crescent, Mar 2007


House Grog

House Serpentius

Apprentice to Duchess Roxane Farabi



Sewing & Embroidery



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