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| Dragon Dormant Practice
| Dragon Dormant Practice
| June 11th, 2011
| June 11th, 2011
| John Radburne

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The Challenge of the Iron Ring

The Iron Ring is a symbol of prowess (and only prowess) in rapier fighting, currently there are five Rings, one per ratio of Kingdom, in the Middle Kingdom, East Kingdom, Kingdom of Ealdormere, Meredies, and Northshield, and the only way to acquire one is to challenge the current ring bearer. The format of the challenge is fixed and shall be strictly followed to insure this does not alter from its original intent.

To declare the challenge the challenger declares 'I request the Challenge of the Iron Ring'.

The proper responses are 'I accept your challenge' or 'I am forbidden from accepting your challenge'.

The fight for the Iron Ring shall always be best 3 out of 5 fights to allow for the occasional lucky shot.

The Iron Ring may only exchange ring bearer's once in any given day. If another challenger requests a Challenge to the new ring bearer, the ring bearer is required to respond 'I am forbidden from accepting your Challenge'. However, an existing ring bearer may accept up to three Challenges in a given day, assuming the ring bearer is the victor of each preceding Challenge that day. Only the first Challenge is the ring bearer required to fight, the second and third are optional and should only be fought if the ring bearer thinks they can show as much prowess and stamina in the later two Challenges as the first. A challenger may only Challenge for the Iron Ring once in a given day.

The 'Challenge' can only be made while both participants are fully in dress rapier armor (non-period practice armor is not acceptable) and there is still opportunity to fight that day.

The 'Challenge' must be (reasonably) met before said rapier armor is removed or the ring bearer forfeits his right to the ring to the challenger. (reasonably means use common sense here, if it is not possible because of unforeseen acts of god leave it at that)

Since the ring bearer must choose the appropriate time, it is always the challengers right to choice of weapons. However the weapons must include a rapier (case of dagger is excluded, this is rapier prowess recognition).

The Challenge must meet its Kingdom's rules for tournament combat. (including no RBG's)

The ring may not reside outside of it's Kingdom's borders, it will revert to the previous ring bearer if the existing ring bearer moves from kingdom(s) or stops playing.

The Iron Ring shall be worn prominently while in period armor so potential challengers may know who is the current ring bearer (my recommendation is wrap the chain around your belt and wear it as a favor).

No two ring bearers may challenge each other.

Lastly, it is the duty of the outgoing ring bearer to make sure the incoming ring bearer is fully aware of these rules.

As Premier, I will be making sure the original intent of this challenge is maintained and that the rings stay in circulation.

One Ring To Rule Them All...

Lord Rodrigo de Montoya (Northshield)


Lineage of Bearers

Name Event Date
Geoffrey Gryphon (first bearer of the Iron Ring) Pennsic 2003
Jean-Paul Justen Casse (first to win the East Kingdom Challenge of the Iron Ring) Pennsic 2003
The ring was passed back and forth many times
Griffith Davion of the Argent Tyger
Ian Raven of Tadcaster May 19th 2006
Caine Ramsey August 16th 2006
Anssem van Rienen unknown
Donovan Shinnock Pennsic 2009
Owyn Greenwood Birka January 30, 2010
Konrad von Ulm King's & Queen's Rapier Champions February 27, 2010
Nathaniel Wyatt Gulf Wars March ?, 2010
Orlando Sforza Mudthaw March 27, 2010
Christopher Stanley Quest May 30, 2010
Lord Brendan Firebow Practice June 3, 2010
Christopher Stanley Practice June 17, 2010
Don Nathaniel Wyatt Practice June 27, 2010
Kurt Young, Jr Pennsic
John Radburne Pennsic
Dominus Tiberius Tarius Britannicus Tir Mara Rapier Championship June 25th, 2011
Lord Xavier the Sinister GNEW XXV July 9th, 2011
Dominus Tiberius Tarius Britannicus Dragon Dormant Practice June 11th, 2011
John Radburne

Other past Bearers of the ring include:

  • Don Colin Monroe
  • Don Caine Ramsey
  • Don Duncan Keiran
  • Don Quintin Brilliant
  • Don Nathaniel Wyatt
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