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|device = [[Image:ich.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:ich.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Per bend argent and sable, a scythe and a die counterchanged
|devicecaption = Per bend argent and sable, a scythe and a die counterchanged
|awards = {{OSC}} [[Image:Sablbell.gif‎|54px]]
|awards = {{OSC}} [[Image:Sablbell.gif‎|54px]] [[Image:GoldChime.gif |54px]]
|offices = {{Seneschal}} {{TWMarshal}}
|offices = {{Seneschal}} {{TWMarshal}}

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Lord Ichabod the Tall

and my lovely wife Lady Máirghréad Ghearr

Resides:Barony of Carillion
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Per bend argent and sable, a scythe and a die counterchanged
Awards & Offices
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent
Seneschal TWMarshal



Hi. My name is Lord Ichabod the Tall. I'm in House Grog.


Generic Europe


Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Events (11/09 to present)
  • Barony of Carillion Seneschal (3 years)
  • Canton of the Forestgate Chatelaine (4 years)
  • Barony of Carillion Chatelaine (2 years)
  • Canton of the Keep by the Endless Sea Seneschal (2 years)
  • Canton of the Keep by the Endless SeaHerald (1 year)
  • Deputy Baronial Seneschal of Carillion (1 year)
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal (Long time)
  • Barony of Carillion TW officer(over 10 years and still going)

Event Staff

  • Thrown Weapons MiC, 100 Minute War '10, River War '11, River War '12
  • Co-Autocrated Bellringers (multiple times to learn and then to teach autocrating) latest 2011
  • Autocrated Celtic Winter Games & Polish Winter Games
  • Co-Autocrated West Windsor Ren-Faire
  • Run troll at numerous events
  • Attended and ran numerous demos
  • Autocrated Bellringers for Baroness Mary’s Investiture (RP)
  • West Windsor Ren Faires & Lakewood Ren Faire Set up and Run the TW range from 1996 till present

More Information

  • I have been a member of the SCA since Jan 1987 (Bellringers)
  • I have attended nearly every Cariilion Event since that first one.
  • I am one of three founders to House Grog
  • I have been instrumental in keeping brewing alive in Carillion and the Southern region
  • I have been involved in marshaled activities: archery, fighting, fencing, thrown weapons
  • I have attended an uncountable amount of business meetings throughout Carillion
  • I have been the TW MiC for many events before keeping track here.

Web Page

http://www.srrosen.com/ http://thrown-weapons.eastkingdom.org/

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