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The early days: Arastorm and Aelfwine in love

Azure, a triple-towered castle on a hill with portcullis open all sable, environed of, and fimbriated with, natural lightning argent. (Rejected May 1981)



Originally a 7th century Saxon fighting house, Stormgard has long been associated with Hlafdige Arastorm's merchant business. Many of our newest members have an interest in business as well and the house has grown while always paying respect to the roots. Once known for it's green shirts on the battle field, the house has seen an interest in reviving the tradition, but adding fencing into the mix.


House Stormgard was founded by Arastorm the Golden and Maria of Oxenford along with Ælfwine Dunedain, Tostig Gewisse (later James the Fair), Fernando Salazar, and Arastorm's sister, Patricia on the feast of Saint Valentine, February 14, A.S. VIII and recognized by the Barony of Carolingia February 15, A.S. IX. Stormgard is currently located the Barony of Stonemarche in the East Kingdom.

Over the years the house has grown and shrunk (often as other households budded off of it like an amoeba). The core was always the immediate family Ælfwine, Arastorm, Ælfgifu, Ælfwyða, Ælfræd and Ælfðryð. Onna Wicca (aka Mistress Alizaunde) has remained a part of Stormgard since Ælfwine and Arastorm's reign. At that point there were about 35 members, not including Ælfwine's innumerable squires (including Vissivald, Gavin, Ekkehart, Andre, Olexander, Colbert, and more)

After the reign, around the time the Barony of Stonemarche was created from the ashes of Branswatch, the household dwindled to the core family members, and remained there for about 15 years. Ælfwine died, Ælfgifu & Ælfræd became inactive, Arastorm, Ælfwyða, and Ælfðryð's activity became centered on being merchants. But starting with Brian of Stonemarche becoming Arastorm's man at arms, and the addition of friends of Ælfwyða including Avalon, her (then) husband Trevor, his brother Frosti and his wife, Shannon, Corwin, House Stormgard has been growing again.


Inactive members

More Information

In late 1980, Aelfwine submitted a Badge for House Stormgard to the SCA college of Heralds: Azure, a triple-towered castle on a hill with portcullis open all sable, environed of, and fimbriated with, natural lightning argent. It was rejected in May 1981 with the following note: "This is a landscape. The lightning is not a heraldic form. The whole thing is not heraldic. The name conflicts with House Stormgarth." House Stormgarth was registered to Bjorn Magnusson Esping in January of 1981 (via Ansteorra)... only a few months before Aelfwine's submission.

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