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== More information ==
== More information ==
*[ Kingdom Guilds web page]
*[ Kingdom Guilds web page]

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Guilds consist of a group of people working on a common art form or activity. The structure of the guild can be very informal, very formal (with ranks for members and guidelines for progressing within the guild) or anywhere in between.

Kingdom guilds are those which are chartered and recognized by the Kingdom. Other guilds could be local, regional, or society-wide.

Guilds of the East Kingdom
Kingdom Guilds: Arachne's Web Lace Guild, Brewers' Guild, East Kingdom Royal College of Performers, Gilded Pearl, Guild of St. Mark, Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild, Keepers of Athena's Thimble, Known World Aviculturists Guild‎, Metalsmiths' Guild, Saint Bavon's Company of Falconry, Soothsayers' Guild, Worshipful Company of Narrowworkers

Other Information: Local Guilds, Former Guilds

More information

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