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*Máirghréad the not so Tall
*Máirghréad the not so Tall
*Baroness Katrina MacAulish
*Baroness Katrina MacAulish
*Lady Amy
*Lord Eric the Nakkin
*Lord Eric the Nakkin
*Máistreas Cellach MacFaoitigh
*Máistreas Cellach MacFaoitigh
*Lord Ryan McWhyte
*Lord Ryan McWhyte

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Grogans, Ice's Ducal Challenge 2009
Founded:CE 1989
House Grog Banner

Grog is an SCA Household devoted to the family of Andra Moira Grogan, the Clandestine, from the Missing Moores, beyond the Lost Loch, and often unseen leader of House Grog.

Bibo Ergo Sum! (I Drink, Therefore, I am!)



  • Lord Ichabod the Tall
  • Master Rupert the Unbalanced
  • Lord Ursus
  • Master Phillip Reed the Facetious
  • Lord Robert the Doubtful
  • Damian
  • Lord Gwalchmai ap Talan
  • Lord Sinjin MacAlister
  • Lord Philip of the Furrowed Fields
  • Lord Morgan O'Lathlan
  • Lady Picchinina the Incongruous
  • Feather
  • Lord Niadh
  • Bill
  • Don John of the Endless Quest
  • Baron Don Nigel Westcastle
  • Baroness Jehannine de Flandres
  • Robert of Briar
  • Alric Stalworthe
  • Mary Rua
  • Baron Cosmo of Carillion
  • Lord Sigfreid Stor Jonson
  • Lord Kyrnn
  • Lady Zoe
  • Lady Lilly of the Valley
  • Lady Siana Reed
  • Máirghréad the not so Tall
  • Baroness Katrina MacAulish
  • Lady Amy
  • Lord Eric the Nakkin
  • Máistreas Cellach MacFaoitigh
  • Lord Ryan McWhyte
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