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The Gratuitous Lily Guild (get it?)

The Gratuitous Lily Guild likes tasty beverages. A lot. We like making tasty beverages, drinking tasty beverages, judging tasty beverages and encouraging others to make tasty beverages. We are pretty much a one note flute regarding tasty beverages.

With merriment and respect for their efforts, we welcome newcomers as well as seasoned artisans to the brewing arts by hosting a brewing contest at the Feast of John Barleycorn. We also hold the occasional Brew Ha Ha (brewing workshop) or demonstrate mead making at public SCA demos.

The Gratuitious Lily Guild's facetious name and device are meant to illustrate the precept that "Who dares to teach should never cease to learn".



Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs: Grand Poohbah Oliver de Bainbridge: Naggravator

More Information

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