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Gabriel in gear
Resides:Barony of the Bridge
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Awards & Offices
The Horatio at the Bridge
Barony of the Bridge Webminister



Cadet Gallant Gabriel de Chateauroux came to the East Kingdom from The Kingdom of An Tir back in 2004. During his years in An Tir, Gabriel originally resided the Barony of Dragonslaire and then later the Barony of Madrone in Seattle WA. He was a cadet to the Donna Diana de Cordova of the Barony of Blatha An Oir. He decided to take a sabbatical from playing in the SCA when he met his lovely wife Elizabeth and decided to go back to college to finish his degree. After moving East with his wife, he decided to reside in Barony of the Bridge, RI and resumed playing within the Society after almost 9 years away. Getting right back into his passion of fencing he swiftly rose as one of the premiere rapier combatants of Bridge and won the Baronial Rapier Champion's title in 2011. He is a member of Clan Sith and is the ship's carpenter on the Black Dolphin of Villa del Delfina Nera.

A master craftsman, Gabriel became a merchant in the SCA in 2012 with his small company Le Phoque Barbu. He makes wooden toys and games for Scadian kids, RBG's for the oversized kids, eventing gear and furniture.

Gabriel has recently taken over the Bridge website and is updating and overhauling it's content. Another of his projects is he is the lead autocrat and originator for Bridge's newest event Mohr Faire. A two day demo event. Inspired by a famous event in An Tir named Junefaire, Mohr Faire will have all the standard activities and fun of a tournament event that is also open to the mundane public. He hopes that this event will help market the SCA in general as well as establish an enduring community event in Rhode Island.


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