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Lord Fergus Redmead AKA Drink Ninja Married to Sabyn Luttrell we have two boys Ulf and Justinius and came to the Barony in smoking rocks in 2007. I am an Avid brewer and cook also enjoys thrown weapons, archery and fencing. If I am in the kitchen I promise you will be satisfied and not go hungry while i am on duty. If you sholuld be drinking one of my beverages let it be known that I am not responible for your actions. Some have said that there is alchol in my meads and other potables.

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  • Thrown Weapons Marshall East Kingdom 2009 to present
  • Barony of Smoking Rocks Thrown Weapons marshall 1/2010 to present

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  • Ice Weasel 5 2/2010 Kitchen Crew
  • Barony of Smoking Rocks Birthday 4/2010 Kitchen Crew
  • Shire 12th night Fairhaven Mass 1/2011 Kitchen Crew
  • Ice Weasel 6 now we are 6 2/2011 Feast O'Crat in training
  • Barony of Smoking Rocks Birthday 4/2011 Feast O'Crat
  • Ice Weasel 7 the seven deadly sins 2/2012 Feast O'Crat stay tuned for the fun

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