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| [[Arrows & Ales Autumn Harvest]]
| [[Arrows & Ales Autumn Harvest]]
| Barony of [[An Dughaigeainn]]
| Barony of [[An Dubhaigeainn]]
| Centereach, NY
| Centereach, NY

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East Kingdom Events in 2011

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Start Date End Date Event RP Territory Location
1/8/2011 Mistletoe Revel Shire of Barren Sands Tuckahoe, NJ
1/8/2011 A Shire Twelve Night 1078 Barony of Smoking Rocks Fairhaven, MA
1/15/2011 Twelfth Night RP, HP Barony of Settmour Swamp Livingston, NJ
1/22/2011 Bellringers Barony of Carillion Manalapan, NJ
1/22/2011 An English Country 12th Night Shire of Owlsherst Wellsville, PA
1/22/2011 Kings & Queens Rapier Champions & All Things Pointy RP, HP Barony of Bergental Springfield, MA
1/28/2011 1/29/2011 Market Day at Birka XXII RP, HP Barony of Stonemarche Manchester, NH
2/5/2011 Noisemakers VI Barony of Ivyeinrust Clifton Heights, PA
2/5/2011 King and Queen's Bardic Champions Competition RP Shire of Endewearde Bangor, ME
2/5/2011 Dancing Fox Shire of Nordenhalle Kingston, NY
2/5/2011 Return of Jack Frost Canton of Dragon's Aerie Bozrah, CT
2/12/2011 Kings and Queens Arts & Sciences Champions RP Barony of Dragonship Haven Meriden, CT
2/12/2011 Black Gryphon Inn Canton of Gryphonwald Milltown, NJ
2/14/2011 2/21/2011 Estrella War XXVII HP Kingdom of Atenveldt Florence, AZ
2/18/2011 2/20/2011 Ymir XXXV RP Kingdom of Atlantia Reidsville, NC
2/19/2011 Hafla Shire of Quintavia Bolton, MA
2/19/2011 Feste de l'Investiture XI / Feste des Glaces Incomplete Barony of Havre des Glaces Quebec, QC
2/19/2011 Court of Love Canton of Black Icorndall Media, PA
2/19/2011 Ice Weasel VI - Now We Are Six Barony of Smoking Rocks Fall River, MA
2/25/2011 Felding Winter Ball Barony of Carolingia Wellesley, MA
2/26/2011 Winter War 14 Shire of Northern Outpost Potsdam, NY
3/5/2011 Novice Schola/Baronial Birthday Barony of Bergental Springfield, MA
3/5/2011 Dance the Cold Winter Away Shire of Silver Rylle Hershey, PA
3/5/2011 Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant Investiture Anniversary RP Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Ile-Perrot, QC
3/5/2011 3/6/2011 Bear's Tavern Canton of Northpass Peekskill, NY
3/12/2011 MacLeod's Tavern: A Return to Cooking Thynge Shire of Caer Adamant Newark, DE
3/12/2011 Hrim Schola XV Shire of Frosted Hills Millbrook, NY
3/12/2011 Black Rose Ball Barony of the Bridge Pawtucket, RI
3/13/2011 3/20/2011 Gulf Wars XX RP, HP Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Lumberton, MS
3/26/2011 Mudthaw RP, HP Barony of Settmour Swamp Livingston, NJ
3/26/2011 Beowulf the Event Barony of Concordia of the Snows Cohoes, NY
4/2/2011 King Lucan VIII and Queen Jana V Coronation BP, HP Barony of the Bridge Woonsocket, RI
4/9/2011 April Foolish Fiber Frolic Conton of Brokenbridge Brooklyn, NY
4/9/2011 Blades & Blarney XIV: The Resurrection Barony of Concordia of the Snows Scotia, NY
4/9/2011 A Saturday with Shakespear Barony of Carolingia Burlington, MA
4/9/2011 Market Day at Sigtuna Canton of Seashire Middle Sackville, NS
4/16/2011 Pent Central Barony of Concordia of the Snows Schenectady, NY
4/16/2011 Balfar's Challenge RP Barony of Dragonship Haven Meriden, CT
4/16/2011 Spring Thynge: The Road to Canterbury Shire of Caer Adamant Middletown, DE
4/16/2011 Northern Region Rapier Championship Province of Malagentia Eliot, ME
4/23/2011 Smoking Rocks Birthday Barony of Smoking Rocks Kingston, MA
4/23/2011 Jehan's Fencing and Fighting at the Fort Shire of Endewearde Prospect, ME
4/29/2011 5/1/2011 Southern Region War Camp RP Barony of Carillion Manalapan, NJ
4/30/2011 Carolingian 40th Anniversary Celebration RP Barony of Carolingia Walpole, MA
4/30/2011 Tyger and Bucket Province of Malagentia Saco, ME
5/7/2011 5/9/2011 The Third Dance Academy and a Ball in the Canton of Northpass Canton of Northpass Yonkers, NY
5/7/2011 Pilgrimage to Canterbury Shire of Blak Rose Grantville, PA
5/7/2011 Crown Tourney RP Shire of Hartshorn-dale Plymouth Meeting, PA
5/8/2011 May Day Barony of Carolingia Waltham, MA
5/13/2011 5/15/2011 Arts and Arrows Shire of Glenn Linn Queensbury, NY
5/13/2011 5/15/2011 West Windsor Ren Faire Barony of Carillion West Windsor, NJ
5/14/2011 Hana-Matsuri II: Children's Day Shire of Eisental New Ringgold, PA
5/14/2011 Spring's Inspirations X, Northern Region A&S Champions, & Northern Region Scribal Schola Province of Malagentia Kennebunk, ME
5/14/2011 An Dubhaigeainn's Spring Schola Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Shirley, NY
5/21/2011 Daily Life Schola Barony of Beyond the Mountain West Granby, CT
5/21/2011 Middleground III Shire of Lyndhaven Bedell, NB
5/21/2011 Ostgardr War Practice Crown Province of Ostgardr Astoria, NY
5/22/2011 Baronial Commons Barony of Bhakail Wallingford, PA
5/27/2011 5/30/2011 Panteria XVI HP Shire of Panther Vale Thetford, VT
5/27/2011 5/30/2011 The War of the Roses RP Barony of Concordia of the Snows Pattersonville, NY
5/27/2011 5/30/2011 Quest XXVIII: A Pocket Full of Posies Barony of Settmour Swamp Neshanic Station, NJ
6/3/2011 6/5/2011 Melee Madness Kingdom of Aethelmarc Meshoppen, PA
6/3/2011 6/5/2011 Sommer Draw RP Barony of Bergental Greenfield, MA
6/4/2011 Barony of Ruantallen Spring Ball and Baronial Rapier Championship Barony of Ruantallen Halifax, NS
6/10/2011 6/12/2011 Palio di Stonemarche Barony of Stonemarche Contoocook, NH
6/10/2011 6/12/2011 Baltanes Festivities XXIV Barony of Havre des Glaces St-Francois-Ile-d'Orleans, QC
6/11/2011 "Potted" Arms & Fancy "Faire" V Canton of Hawke's Reache Huntington, NY
6/11/2011 Clan War & RISHF Demo RP Barony of the Bridge Richmond, RI
6/11/2011 Bacon-Ale-Ya Barony of Bhakail Media, PA
6/12/2011 Battle of Kingsbridge Heights Canton of Northpass Bronx, NY
6/12/2011 Riverdale Riverfest Demo Crown Province of Ostgardr Bronx, NY
6/17/2011 6/19/2011 King & Queen's archery champions/Vinland Raids IX/EK War College RP, HP Barony of Smoking Rocks Yarmouthport, MA
6/17/2011 6/19/2011 Opening of the Inne Shire of Coldwood Peru, NY
6/24/2011 6/26/2011 East Kingdom War Practice RP, HP Shire of Eisental Lehighton, PA
6/24/2011 6/26/2011 Midsummer Gathering Shire of Smithwick Houlton, ME
6/24/2011 6/26/2011 Knowne World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium Kingdom of Atlantia High Point, NC
6/25/2011 Summer Seige Kingdom of Ealdormere Chersterville, ON
6/25/2011 Tir Mara Rapier Championship Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Pointe-des-Cascades, QC
7/1/2011 7/3/2011 Known World Dance Symposium Kingdom of Middle Bloomington, IN
7/1/2011 7/3/2011 Northern Region War Camp 2011 - King's & Queen's Equestrian Champions RP, HP Shire of Glenn Linn Warrensburg, NY
7/8/2011 7/10/2011 Great Northeastern War 25 RP, HP Province of Malagentia Hebron, ME
7/9/2011 Toys for Tots Summer Warlord Tourney Barony of Iron Bog Pemberton, NJ
7/15/2011 7/17/2011 3C's - IDD Archery Championship Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, QC
7/16/2011 Summer Archery Shoote Barony of Concordia of the Snows Altamont, NY
7/29/2011 8/14/2011 Pennsic XL 2011 RP Kingdom of East/Aethelmearc/Middle Slippery Rock, PA
7/29/2011 7/31/2011 Haggis & Scottish Games IX Shire of La Selve d'Aure Rouyn-Noranda, QC
8/5/2011 8/7/2011 Orchard War III Shire of Hadchester Union, ME
8/27/2011 Unnatural Axes II BBM Baronial Birthday Canton of Ravenhill Bethel, CT
8/27/2011 8/28/2011 Warren County 4-H Renaissance Faire - Demo Barony of Settmour Swamp Harmony Township, NJ
8/27/2011 Carolingian Archery & Thrown Weapons Championships Barony of Carolingia Bedford, MA
9/2/2011 9/5/2011 Harper's Retreat Barony of Stonemarche Greenfield, NH
9/2/2011 9/5/2011 Small Brawl XIII Canton of Ynys Y Gwaed Breadalbane, PE
9/2/2011 9/5/2011 Hunter's Moon Shire of Anglespur East Greenbush, NY
9/2/2011 9/5/2011 Swamp Thynge Shire of Caer Adamant DE
9/9/2011 9/11/2011 Feast of John Barleycorn - Viceregal Investiture RP, HP Canton of Northpass North Salem, NY
9/9/2011 9/11/2011 Anniversaire du Dragonet Shire of Le Dragonet Farnham, QC
9/10/2011 Master Wulfgar's Chivalry Challenge Shire of Owlsherst Etters, PA
9/10/2011 10th Annual Demo at Fort Knox Shire of Endewearde Prospect, ME
9/10/2011 Crestfallen Barony of Bergental Ashfield, MA
9/16/2011 9/18/2011 Lakewood Ren-Faire XXX Barony of Carillion Lakewood, NJ
9/16/2011 9/18/2011 Lost Tip Archers Gathering VIII Shire of Panther Vale Randolph, VT
9/17/2011 La Boustifaille a l'Auberge de Bonneval Barony of Havre des Glaces Quebec, QC
9/17/2011 9/18/2011 Wrightstown Renaissance Faire Shire of Buckland Cross Newtown, PA
9/17/2011 Endewearde Schola Shire of Endewearde Bangor, ME
9/17/2011 Stonemarche Baronial Birthday Barony of Stonemarche Concord, NH
9/23/2011 9/25/2011 Golden Tygre Tavern Barony of the Bridge Coverntry, RI
9/24/2011 4Q Canton of Dragon's Aerie Bozrah, CT
9/24/2011 Fall Tyger and Bucket Province of Malagentia Saco, ME
10/1/2011 The Coronation of Gregor von Heisler and Kiena Stewart RP, HP Barony of Settmour Swamp Livingston, NJ
10/1/2011 Fete des Bois Shire of Bois Ardent Nicolet, QC
10/2/2011 Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Canton of Whyt Whey New York, NY
10/7/2011 10/9/2011 Warrior's Naadam 5 Canton of Northpass NY
10/7/2011 10/10/2011 MSS 10 and King and Queen's Champion of Arms RP Shire of Glenn Linn Greenwich, NY
10/7/2011 10/10/2011 Endewearde Hunt VIII Shire of Endewearde Newburgh, ME
10/8/2011 Ruantallen Baronial Investiture Anniversary Barony of Ruantallen Upper Tantallon, NS
10/8/2011 Groton Fall Festival Demo Canton of Dragon's Aerie Groton, CT
10/14/2011 10/16/2011 River War II.V RP Barony of Iron Bog Williamstown, NJ
10/15/2011 A Most Fortunate Fall Harvest Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant Pointe-des-Cascades, QC
10/15/2011 Novice Schola: Strings and Things Shire of Coill Tuar Port Jervis, NY
10/15/2011 Winter Nights Barony of Concordia of the Snows Albany, NY
10/15/2011 Arrows & Ales Autumn Harvest Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Centereach, NY
10/21/2011 10/23/2011 Ghost, Ghouls, and Goblins Barony of Carillion Manalapan, NJ
10/21/2011 10/23/2011 Closing of the Inne Shire of Coldwood Peru, NY
10/22/2011 Shire Wars Shire of Owlsherst Jonestown, PA
10/22/2011 Fall Feast of Simplefare Barony of Beyond the Mountain Manchester, CT
10/29/2011 10/30/2011 2nd Annual Halloween Harvest Schola Shire of Smithwick Fort Kent, ME
10/29/2011 The Cadell at Emerald Glen Shire of Anglespur Stephentown, NY
10/29/2011 Stranger's Ball Canton of Black Icorndall Wallingford, PA
10/29/2011 Uncivil War III Province of Malagentia Auburn, ME

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