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Estela, taken the morning of receiving her Court Barontcy, photo by Dawn Cryer
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Awards & Offices
Manche, Silver Crescent, QoC, Sempstress to the Crown



Baronne(of the Court) Estela duFrayse of the Barony of Ruantallan. I began playing in October of 1993 at Ruantallan's Harvest and Howling event. I am an active historical clothier, often found in the kitchen and pursuing authenticity as much as possible. I hold a Manche, Silver Cresent, QoC and a few others.


Estela was a young girl when the plague hit her beloved Provence in the very early 17th century, and her Father sent her Mother, Estela and younger brother north to escape getting ill. Her Father succumed to the illness leaving behind a small estate to keep the family going. Through some rough times, her mother found happiness again with a new husband and they were able to secure a good future for the two young children. Both Estela and her brother learned to love the sea, her brother becomming a ship's mate, exploring the world's oceans and Estela marrying a Merchant's Midshipman William Lancton. Estela and William opened an Inn on the Coast of Calais that proved to be a thriving business. Estela is often found keeping the home fires burning while William presently sails to the Colony of New France to make his next fortune.

Projects & Publications

great Elizabethan Embroidered jacket project, Begun 01/01/2011

More of my work can be found here

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