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Lady Emma
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Per bend sinister indented azure and vert, a harp bend sinisterwise and an arrow bend sinisterwise Or.
Awards & Offices

Seneschal ArMarshal



Joined the SCA in 2002. Seneschal of Bergental in the Kingdom of the East. First event was Novice Schola/Bergental Birthday. First Pennsic was Pennsic XXXI. I'm a musician, song writer, archer, and illuminator. Having great fun, learning tons!


I confess, I have a split persona-lity. Sometimes I'm an early 13th century Celt and other times I'm a Norse woman with lots of bling and a funny hat.

Currently I'm the Seneschal of the Barony of Bergental In 2003 I was the Chronicler and "Drop dead Deputy Seneschal" Currently trying to figure out exactly when I became Seneschal. (I'll get back to it!)

Event Staff

All these events are in estimated chronological order but asking me to remember dates is like asking me to remember what I wore last Tuesday! The farther away the date, the more approximate it is!

  • Co-Feast cook: "Novice Schola" 2003
  • Event Co-Steward: "Crestfallen Tourney and Faille" 2003
  • Dayboard cook: "Bergental Yule" 2003
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental Yule and Kingdom Bardic Championship" 2004 - with Mistress Pagan Graeme
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental Yule" 2005 - with Lady Brigidtha
  • Event Co-Steward: "Coronation of Bryan and Anna" 2006 - with Mistress Pagan Graeme
  • Event Co-Steward from Bergental: "Crossroads" 2008 (?)- with Mistress Susanna
  • Event Co-Steward: "Sommer Draw" 200 -?
  • Event Steward: "All Things Scribal" 2008
  • Event Co-Steward: "Bergental/BBM Yule" 2009
  • Event Co-Steward: "Sommer Draw" 2009 - with Lady Henna Sinclair

Projects & Publications

  • Illuminator for East Kingdom scribal guild
  • Composer of former East Kingdom anthem: "Stands a Warrior" (copyright)

More Information

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