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Eleanore MacCarthaigh, OL at Twelfth Night
Resides:Barony of Bergental
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Per fess purpure and sable, a stag trippant argent, attired Or and in chief a decrescent argent.
Awards & Offices
Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent



Eleanore MacCarthaigh, OL has been in the SCA since June of 1991. Her first event was in the Barony of Arn Hold (Boise, ID) in the Principality of Artemisia. She moved to the East Kingdom in 2002 and has been an active resident in the Barony of Bergental since then.


Eleanore MacCarthaigh, originally, was a 15th century crazy Irish woman who inherited her father's lands when he died due to the lack of a male heir. The whole story was written out long ago in Arn Hold but is entirely a work of silliness that should not be the subject of a wiki. In reality, she is a diverse person who wears garb of whichever century she is in to at the time and does illumination, calligraphy under duress, and cooking, and wants to do lots more.

If you want to find her and know she's at an event, look in the kitchen first!

Some idea of her activities may be surmised from her awards list herein:

Tripsichore’s Mouffle - Einendoch & Andrea - Arn Hold - 3/28/92 (mostly for newsletter art)

AOA - Elric & Larissa - Atenveldt - 3/13/93

Maple Leaf - Morgan & Rhyndel - Principality of Artemisia - 5/8/93 (for works in 13th c. German manuscript painting)

Service Performed Under Duress (SPUD) - Einendoch & Andrea - Arn Hold - 11/20/93

Fleur de Soliel - Alan & Corisande - Atenveldt - 11/27/93 (13th c. German manuscript painting again)

Queen’s Cypher - Corisande - Atenveldt - 3/5/94

Griffin’s Heart - Ramona - Principality of Artemisia - 9/10/94

Order of the Laurel - Mathghamhain & Katerina - Atenveldt - 9/16/95

King’s Council - Alan & Corisande - Artemisia - 11/28/98

Order of the Fountain - Kai & Michalene - Bergental - Pennsic 2004

Order of the Silver Crescent - Lucan & Jana - East Kingdom - Bjorn’s Ceilidh 2006

Order of the Hourglass - Lyle & Elwynne - Bergental - Yule 2006

Queen’s Order of Distinction - Service (Scrolls) - Jana - East Kingdom - Coronation 2007

Offices & Positions

Bergental Pennsic Encampment Land Agent 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and onward.

Guild Mistress for the Bergental Illuminati (Scribal Guild), since 2004

Bergental Mistress of the Lists, 2002-2003

Event Staff

Wow I can't even think of all of them. Multiple events and feasts for Bergental.

Re-designed and ran the Gate for Brion & Anna's Coronation 2006

Event Steward for the Laurel's Prize Tourney in 2006 (?)

Head Cook for Edward and Marguerite's Coronation, 2010

Dayboard for Sommer Draw every other year (trade every other year with Quintavia)

Fire Demon for Master Jaji's Mega-Dayboard at Balfar's Challenge (Open Grill Cook)

Innkeeper for the Tabard Inn at the Crossroads at Canterbury event in 2007

Projects & Publications

Current project is a late 15th century Coronation Feast (Henry VII) 2010.

Past projects include organization of Bergental's Pennsic Encampment (you should see our kitchen!).

Runnemede Dinner at Pennsic 2008 (Roman Feast)

Classes in Care and Feeding of Ironware, Improved Gate Processes, Fire Cooking, Putting on Events & Surviving A&S Competitions

More Information

Motto: "Fac quicquid ames, ama quicquid facias" Pronunciation: FAHK KWEE-kwid AH-mahss, AH-mah KWEE-kwid FAHK-ee-ahss. (or Fah-chee-as) (Do what you like, like what you do)

Member of the Compaignie des Cuisiniers (cooks who love supporting other cooks, especially each other)

Apprental Units: Lady Efa verch Cynan (Smoking Rocks) & Lady Henna Sinclair (Bergental)

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