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Eleanor and her former horse, Leaps
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Per pale gules and or, a cross quadrate couped, counterchanged.
Awards & Offices
Companion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCompanion of the Order of the Pelican Companion of the Order of the Maunche



Mistress Eleanor is a lady-in-waiting to Her Grace, Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon. Her husband and champion is Baron Duncan Kerr, and their children are Aeryn fitzPatrick and Zachary Kerr. Together they head the household Equus Celox, a wholly-owned subsidary of Duchy Tarragon.

Mistress Eleanor is heavily involved in the equestrian activities in the East Kingdom. She is currently a marshal at large and has served as both a regional marshal and as the Kingdom Marshal of Horse in the past. She and her husband co-own the horses Dakota Tesoro, Medallion, Chip, and Simba. She is also the last owner of the late Leaps and Bounds.

Her other interests include sewing garb, making horse equipment, painting tents, and helping out where ever she is needed.

  • Mistress of the Pelican
  • Court Baroness (Thorson & Svava)
  • Royal Augmentation of Arms (Brion II & Anna II)
  • etc


Eleanor lives in England during the time of the Hundred Years War.

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine, Quintavia - mid-1990s
  • Seneschal of Quintavia - mid-1990s
  • A&S Officer, Quintavia - mid-1990s
  • Kingdom Chamberlain - 11/1999 to 03/2003
  • Central Region Equestrian Marshal ??/2002 to 02/2006
  • Kingdom Marshal of Horse 02/2006 to 11(?)/2008
  • more Royal courts than I can remember

Event Staff

too numerous to count or remember.

Projects & Publications

[Documention of a Medieval Horse Bridle] leatherwork entry, Northern Lights XIV

[Documentation of Tournament Barding] entry, Northern Lights XIV

More Information

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