Edward and Marguerite

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Photo by Aethan of Lochleven
King:Edward Grey of Lochleven
Queen:Marguerite Ingen Lachlainn
East Kingdom Crown #:85
Preceded by:Konrad II and Brenwen II
Succeeded by:



Hosted Pennsic XXXIX. Won Pennsic XXXIX.




"In Praise of Sir Edward Grey of Lochleven"

Performed at King & Queen's Bardic Competition 2010

These sage monarchs our fates secure.
Clearly seeing the conflict cruel,
called for strong heirs to lead through strife.
Stood through trial to test their might.

Those full of hope all came to field.
Favored consorts with constant hearts
held their vigil through fateful bouts
between brothers who'd fight to rule.

One in scarlet, his valor true,
took the listfield and yielded not.
New prince arose -- Edward mighty.
Marguerite shone with regal grace.

In August's fire they'll march to war,
watchful for sign of dragon's charge.
Champion fierce will bravely strike --
steady as stone in face of storm.

But Edward calls for warriors bold --
brothers in arms to stand and fight.
Fleeing never in face of strife.
Stand all Tygers and glory claim.

-- © 2009 Amanda Lord (known in the society as Aoife inghean Conchobair) Written for HRH Edward's victory in Crown Tournament

"King Konrad Hears Evening Song"

Commissioned by HRH Edward. For text see Konrad II and Brenwen II.

"Rise to be more than men"

Cuchulain stood small but fierce,
facing howling horde of men.
Meanwhile ailed Ulster's kin –
kingdom stricken sick with pain.

Cursed by goddess, tired, bruised.
Beardless hero stood alone.
Lugh's son held back armies great,
Glory gained by guarding home.

Like bold hero we face horde –
host of foes, our numbers few.
Fame's ransom – cold coin of blood.
Bold men braving flame of war.

Facing swarm of dragon's teeth,
Tyger's bright blood burns in hearts.
Hear hard truth of battle red,
and rise to be more than men.

-- © 2010 Amanda Lord (known in the society as Aoife inghean Conchobair) Written as a piece to inspire the East Kingdom Fighters before Pennsic.

"All Good Things End"

Snow drifts, troubles the dreams of stags.
Low frigid winds flay field of Lir.
Teasing the salt sea's tresses fair,
and feeding frost with bitter air.
Gone the blackberries of summer's sun.
Gone the green leaves of oak and ash.
All good things end.

King as warrior wielded blade.
King pursued salmon's wisdom too.
Sought others' strengths to stretch his own.
Patient patron who guarded throne.
Resolved to reward subject's deeds.
Resolved to design peace for East.
All good things end.

I stood ever in honor's place.
I witnessed feats of fearsome man.
Monarch inspired men to dream.
Endured like oak in battle's stream.
Why does night devour waning day?
Why does the fine frost cover East?
All good things end.

Night gnaws at dusk of Kingly reign.
Night sees last flare of falling star.
Wounds poet deeply this dimming light.
Let legacy's son shine as bright.
Bittersweet gift this sorrow song.
Bittersweet but bright hope for East.
All good things end.

-- © 2010 Amanda Lord (known in the society as Aoife inghean Conchobair) Written as a last gift for HRM Edward.


Part of Queen Marguerite's speech at GNEW

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