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*[[Lausavisur for Aneleda Falconbridge]]
*[[Lausavisur for Aneleda Falconbridge]]
*[[Lausavisur for Saint Robert]]
*[[Lausavisur for Saint Robert]]
*[[Flokkr for Hobbe]]
==Long Works==
==Long Works==

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This is a collection of works in the Norse style about various people of and events regarding the East Kingdom of the SCA. At this time, it only contains the work of Grim the Skald and Toki Redbeard. Works will be posted as they are updated and formatted for use on this page, this is a currently incomplete collection.

The works are on their own pages, arranged in rough chronological order (not neccessarily the order in which they were written.) They are organized into two categories

Short Works

Works of less than 30 lines. Most of these were composed around a specific happening or reason. In Norse, these are called "Lausavisur," "Occassional(as in for an occassion) verse." Also, a "flokkr" is a short poem (less than 20 stanzas,) a "flock" of verses.

Long Works

Works of over 30 lines. Most of these are full stories of things that happened in the East Kingdom, or what Easterners did. Many of them feature the Pennsic War:

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