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(not Complete)
(not Complete)
Lucan Von Drachenklaue
*Lucan Von Drachenklaue
Yana Von Drachenklaue
*Yana Von Drachenklaue
[[Kenric Burn of Northampton]]
*[[Kenric Burn of Northampton]]
[[Avelina Keyes]]
*[[Avelina Keyes]]
[[Diomedes Sebastianus]]
*[[Diomedes Sebastianus]]
Alaricus Sartiano von Drachenklaue
*Alaricus Sartiano von Drachenklaue
==More Information==
==More Information==
[http://www.hausvdk.com Duchy Von Drachenklaue Website]
[http://www.hausvdk.com Duchy Von Drachenklaue Website]

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Knights and Squires of the VDK march to the battlefield

The Tagma of the VDK



"Fides, Aequitas, Veritas" (Faith, Truth, Justice)

"Amicitia es non a obduco vicis" (Friends are not a hobby)


Dux Lucan of the VDK.
Dux Lucan of the VDK.
*The Duchy Von Drachenklaue, or VDK, is a confederation of 37 separate households (or Haus') that have united under the house of Duke Lucan and Duchess Yana Von Drachenklaue. Most (not all) of the Sub Haus' have adopted the green/white/black of the "tagma" as their field device, and fight as a formidable unit, and part of the 1st Division of the EK's Northern Army . Members of the VDK can be found from New Hampshire to California to Texas and Florida, though most are settled in the Kingdom of the East.



  • Some of the more notable Haus' of the Duchy VDK include:
  • Haus Von Drachenklaue (those directly in fealty to Lucan or Yana)
  • Haus Meerstapa
  • Woodhaven Manor
  • House O'Dochartaigh
  • House Framlingham
  • Château leNoir
  • Château du Champagne
  • Atelier du Champagne
  • Lockwood Manor
  • Clan Sutherland
  • House Silveroak
  • Allagion Sebastianus
  • The Blackwater Company
  • Bithizome O Liontari
  • Domus Variana
  • Clan O'Niall
  • House of the Crucible
  • Haus Svithskeggi
  • Haus Dagon
  • Clan O'Rien
  • Haus Vigurhafn
  • Clan mac Kinnon
  • Haus Dragonwulf
  • Clan Faolach
  • House Katalepsis
  • Dragonfire
  • Haus der Krieger
  • Haus Hvítabiôrn




(not Complete)

More Information

Duchy Von Drachenklaue Website

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