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Baroness Drueta
Resides:Barony of Iron Bog
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Arms registered with the College of Heralds 1/01/2006
Awards & Offices



Baroness Drueta de la Rosa found her way to the SCA at the turn of century in the Shire of Coil Tuar. While there she held the office of herald and picked up a love of fencing. A few years later she moved to the Barony of Iron Bog and resides there still.


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Offices & Positions

Chatelain - Barony of Iron Bog, 02/12/2013 to present
Baroness - Barony of Iron Bog, 02/2009 to 03/2012
Seneschal - Barony of Iron Bog, 09/2006 to 02/2009

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