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*Order of the Cataphract [[Duchy Von Drachenklaue | VDK]]
*Order of the Cataphract Equites [[Duchy Von Drachenklaue | VDK]]
*Order of the Buccelari [[Duchy Von Drachenklaue | VDK]]
*Order of the Buccelari [[Duchy Von Drachenklaue | VDK]]
| offices = }}
| offices = }}

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Syr Diomedes Sebastianus
(photo by Ursus of Anglesey)
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Vert (Azure), on a mullet of twelve points argent, a roundel engrailed Vert (Azure), all within a bordure engrailed Or [as an augmentation: in Canton vert, an imperial eagle argent]
Awards & Offices
Chivalry Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant Image:Dragtooth.PNG Queen's Order of Courtesy

  • Order of the Cataphract Equites VDK
  • Order of the Buccelari VDK



  • Most commonly known as D.Sebastian, Syr Diomedes is known for contributions from his web design (including the SCA Demo .com), art for Kingdom and Baronial newsletters, and his desire to present an authentic appearance on the heavy-lyst field.


Passions include:

  • heavy-list fighting
  • word-smithing for scrolls and speeches
  • court and field heralding
  • rapier combat
  • writing and singing songs
  • making art for the covers of local newsletters
  • looking "correct" on the field
  • creating garb and projects of all types
  • assisting others meet their goals
  • making websites.

The harbinger of the VDK.(photo by Ursus of Anglesey)
The harbinger of the VDK.
(photo by Ursus of Anglesey)


Initially and sometimes still a 4th Century Roman; D.Sebastian can be found in the trappings of a 6th Cent Late Roman (Byzantine), 13th Cent Trebizonian-Byzantine, 14th Cent Bohemian, a Herodotus (5th Cent BC) Scythian, and 16th Cent Landsknecht.

6th Cent Late Roman (Byzantine)
A Byzantine Roman of the 6th Century serving the court of Constantinople. A "Cataphract" (or heavily armoured horseman), D.Sebastian is presently attached to the Army of Syria under the Command of Belisarius. The Romans are on the way to Egypt to reclaim Alexandria. His turn-on's include red wine, walks along the Bosphorus, and cavalry charges that crush the enemy's flanks. His turn-offs include schisms and the plague.

13th Cent Trebizonian-Byzantine

14th Century Böhmen

Things Troubadour

D.Sebastian has been called upon to write letters and speeches for the Crown, wordsmith scrolls, and accolades for As well, he has a tendency to pen songs and speeches and often delivers them on the field. Some of these include the battlefield speeches:

and the songs

Event Staff


  • Aide de Camp & Webrite/Webminister (Lucan VIII and Jana V)
  • Webminister (Griffyth II and Aikaterine II)
  • Chief of Staff & Webright/Webminister (Andreas IV and Gabriella II)
  • Captain of the Queen's Guard (Brenwen I)
  • Webrite/Webminister (Andreas III and Gabriella I)
  • Field Herald & Occasional Court Herald (Griffyth and Aikaterine)
  • Deputy Chief Retainer & Webrite/Webminister & Standardbearer (Lucan VII and Yana IV)
  • Staff Officer of the Eastern Warlord (Lucan): Legate to the Free Companies (Gaufred Kelson II)
  • Stonemarche Envoy to the Barony of Blackstone Mountains, AEthelmearc (Xavier and Maria)
  • Stonemarche Envoy to the Barony of Ravens Cove, Atlantia (Xavier and Maria)
  • Baronial Webminister: Barony of Stonemarche

Court Appointments

Projects & Publications

Ordines Lucani Cataphractae (Order of the Cataphract)
Ordines Lucani Cataphractae (Order of the Cataphract)


More Information

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