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*07/20/2002  Award of Arms  
*07/20/2002  Award of Arms  
*06/25/2005  Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia)
*06/25/2005  Companion of the Daystar ([[Carolingia]])
*04/14/2007  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Jana IV)
*04/14/2007  Queen's Honor of Distinction ([[Jana IV]])
*04/10/2010  Companion of the Silver Crescent  
*04/10/2010  Companion of the Silver Crescent  
*09/25/2010  Queen's Cypher ([[Marguerite]])
See [[Template_talk:Populace]] for full suggested contents.
See [[Template_talk:Populace]] for full suggested contents.
[[Category:Norman Personas]]
[[Category:Norman Personas]]

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at Coronation of Edward and Marguerite
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, AoA, Order of the Daystar
EK - Central Region EKU deputy, EKU web minister



Constance lives in the Barony of Carolingia in the East Kingdom. She is the protege of Mistress Caitlin Davies. Constance is a scribe, an autocrat, a cook, a weaver, a seamstress, a chirurgeon, a pennsic troll, and a general volunteer.


Constance is technically a Norman living in Tamworth in the 1150s.

Offices & Positions


  • Deputy Seneschal - past
  • Minister of A&S - past
  • Steward - past

East Kingdom:

  • Central Region EKU deputy - current
  • EKU Web Minister - current

Events and Feasts


  • Crown Tourney Fall 2009
  • Twa Corbies Tavern 2009
  • Carolingian University
  • others i am blanking on


  • Novice Schola - several
  • Snowed In at the Castle
  • EKU in Carolingia
  • April 2011 - A Day with Sahekspeare in Carolingia


  • 07/20/2002 Award of Arms
  • 06/25/2005 Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia)
  • 04/14/2007 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Jana IV)
  • 04/10/2010 Companion of the Silver Crescent
  • 09/25/2010 Queen's Cypher (Marguerite)

See Template_talk:Populace for full suggested contents.

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