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Conogan stands guard for his Princess
Resides:Shire of Lyndhaven
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Conogan mab Rioc's Arms
Awards & Offices
Herald, Heavy List Champion of the Princess of Tir Mara



Greetings! Degemer mat, deoc'h!

I am called Aotroù (Lord) Conogan mab Rioc, the Breton. I currently live in the Shire of Lyndhaven, in the Crown Principality of Tir Mara. I am the first Heavy List Champion of the Princess of Tir Mara. I make my living as a warrior bard, fighting for my silver and singing for my supper.


I was born in the village of Landreger on the northern coast of Brittany, in the spring of the year 1048. As the second son of Rioc mab Madoc mab Brudoc, I had to find my own way in the world. In 1066, due to feudal obligations, I joined the force to re-conquer Britain from the Saxons. After our success at Hastings, I was part of the group of nobles who were assigned to the Welsh Marches, because the Breton language is close enough to Welsh that we can speak and understand the locals.

When my feudal obligations were over, I left the Welsh and headed back to my homeland with the bride I had won with my warm heart and words of love.

Offices & Positions

  • pursuivant, Cantref of Ynys y Gwaed, 05/01/1999 to 12/15/1999
  • chronicler, Cantref of Ynys y Gwaed, 05/01/1999 to 12/15/1999
  • pursuivant, Shire of Lyndhaven, 05/21/2000 to 05/21/2001
  • minister of lists, Shire of Lyndhaven, 05/21/2006 to 05/22/2010
  • pursuivant, Shire of Lyndhaven, 05/21/2007 to present
  • Heavy List Champion of the Princess of Tir Mara, 08/29/2009 to present

Event Staff

  • Event Steward, Feast of Fools V, Lyndhaven, 04/01/2007
  • Event Co-steward, Lyndhaven Champions, Lyndhaven, 09/08/2007
  • Event Steward, Holiday Ball, Lyndhaven, 12/01/2007
  • Event Steward, Spring Crown Tourney, Lyndhaven, 04/26/2008
  • Event Co-steward, Middleground, Lyndhaven, 05/16/2009
  • Marshal, Ruantallan BIA & Northern Shores Crown Principality Heavy List Champion Tourney, 08/29/2009
  • Menial labourer, Fête des Bois, Bois Ardent, 09/05/2009
  • Event Steward, Harvest Feast, Lyndhaven, 09/20/2009
  • Event Steward, Feast of Fools VII, Lyndhaven, 04/03/2010
  • Marshal, Spring Crown Tourney, l'Ile du Dragon Dormant, 05/08/2010
  • Marshal-in-Charge, Middleground, Lyndhaven, 05/22/2010
  • Chatelain & Marshal-in-Charge, Moncton Highland Games demo, Lyndhaven, 06/19/2010
  • Marshal-in-Charge, Summer Gathering, Smithwick, 06/26/2010
  • Event Steward, Tir Mara A&S and Heavy List Championships, 10/09/2010

Projects & Publications

  • Plastic Armour Covering Project, 07/01/2009
  • Learning Breton songs, ongoing

More Information

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