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Resides:Province of Malagentia
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Per pale sable and azure, an oak tree couped, in chief three crescents all within a bordure argent
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In the times that are past of those that remember the emerald isle. It is a blessing peace to sit and chat for a while. Memory is good when it is passed from one to another don't you agree. When the memory can be carried by all and you can see what i see. Pour a pint and sit a spell and tell me me of you, We will pass tails back and forth and make memories anew.


Conall's family stared on the western shores of Ireland, A line of four generations of arch druids from the island. After the exodus found his family welcomed in the celtic tribe Bituriges, what the the romans would call the Gauls.

Conall regails in the stories passed on from grandfather to father to him and so forth, as well as the lessons taugh by his father in regards to archery, storytelling, and in knowing that the druid arts that are now passed on in secret from mentor to student as the new religions are pushing out the old.

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  • Herald Point Cordinator, Great Northeastern War, July 2012

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  • Wordsmith
  • Archery
  • Heraldry
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