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|location = Shire of Rusted Woodlands
|location = Shire of Rusted Woodlands
|status = Active
|status = Active
|device = [[Image:Arms5small.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:Christopher Stanley Device.jpg|200px]]  
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|devicecaption = (Unregistered)
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|awards =  
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|offices =  

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Christopher Stanley
Resides:Shire of Rusted Woodlands
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Image:Christopher Stanley Device.jpg
Awards & Offices



I was born and raised on the outskirts of London around 1571. When I was 16 I left my home due to my father dying and my mother not being able to support me. I took up the rapier and trained at Vincentio Saviolo's school of Defense around 1591.


  • Cadet to Don Samuael McTavish, OWS


  • Previous Bearer of the Iron Ring of the East (won from Don Orlando Sforza, lost to Lord Brendan Firebow)
  • Surviving sword blows from Sir Antonio Patriquin
  • Single handedly destroying any and all T-Rex armed Dons since AS XXXIX

More Information

I have been going to SCA events for over 15 years, and have been a member for around 10. I took up fighting rapier around 2002/2003 and it has been my main interest in the Society since then. My home Kingdom is An Tir, and my visit in the East Kingdom will last a year before I return.


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