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Azure, a crane it its vigilance argent and a tierce ermine.
Awards & Offices
AoA (King Edward II and Queen Thyra I)



Lady Christiana Crane found the SCA in college when Endewearde was still a shire. After an extended pilgrimage into the "real" world, she returned in 2012. She now resides in Malagentia. AoA.


Christiana Crane was born July 28, 1315 in York. The daughter of a successful and well respected merchant, her family was mercifully spared from desperate hardship during the Great Famine. Many years later, her family undertook a pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to give thanks for their many fortunes. Sadly, her family succumbed to the various hazards of the road, leaving her to seek sanctuary with Lord and Lady Fulton. As a member of their household, Christiana has had the pleasure of meeting many new people from all points of the globe, and experiencing their exotic ways.


Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler, Malagentia, 2014 to present

Event Staff

Dayboard Steward, Harvest Moon Shoot, 09/14/2013

Projects & Publications

  • "Period Gift Giving" plus artwork, Northern Watch Newsletter, Endewearde, 12/2012
  • Pikestaff Cover, vol. XLIV, no. 1, 01/2013
  • Pikestaff Cover, vol. XLIV, no. 5, 05/2013


  • Given the Malagentian title of Her Annoyance, Minister of Nagging
  • 2012 winner of the Gilded Apple for embroidery at Orchard War 5, Hadchester
  • Winner 2012 Fall Crown Tourney Scroll Largess Intermediate Division, Endewearde
  • Winner 2012 Fall Crown Tourney Scroll Largess People's Choice, Endewearde
  • AS 46 (2013) winner of the Gilded Apple for embroidery at Orchard War 6, Hadchester

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