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Ceawlin Alreding is a long time Eastener, who has also dwelt in the Kingdoms of Aethelmarc and Atlantia. Mostly active on the field of combat, Ceawlin dabbles in other activites and arts. He is arminger (squire) to Master Padraig and a frequent member of the Eastern Unbelts team.

A post conquest Saxon, although his armor reflects an Italian-Norman.

Offices & Positions

Knight Marshall Barony of the Bridge CE 1990's Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshall, Northern region CE Late 90's Knight Marshall Barony of Smoking Rocks CE 2001-2006 Deputy Knight Marshall Barony of Smoking Rocks CE 2006-Present Chatelain, Brony of Smoking Rocks, CE 2010

Event Staff

Autocrat Bridge Birthday 16 Autocrat and Co-Autocrat: Challenge of the Ice Weasel (assorted) Autocrat Smoking Rocks Barony Birthday (assorted) Goon Squad Vinland Raids

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More Information

The College of Heralds insists on spelling his name incorrectly. After confessing thoughts of anger and retribution to his Parish Priest, and having done his pennance, Ceawlin has forgiven them and prays for their souls.

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