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== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==
*Exchequer, Barony of Carillion, March 2008 - October 2013
*Mistress of Lists, Barony of Carillion, October 2013 - present
*Mistress of Lists, Barony of Carillion, October 2013 - present
*Exchequer, Barony of Carillion, March 2008 - October 2013
== Event Staff ==
== Event Staff ==

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Lady Brigit inghean ui Dhomhnaill found the SCA in the fall of 1989. Her first event was Quest for Wit and Wisdom in May of 1990. Began as a member of House Bloodguard but left the house in 1991 to focus on participating with her local Barony.


Born in Ireland in the year 811 AD, Brigit is the third grand-daughter of the Dhomhnaill clan chief. Brigit found she had more skill with weapons than with a needle so she trained in weapons fighting for many years, much to her parent's chagrin. Upon coming of age Brigit left home and joined a mercenary band with whom she had made friends. She has travelled throughout Ireland, England and the European mainland and has been as far east as Byzantium.

Brigit has been a member of several different households. She is currently co-founder of House Hammerfall, a Viking Household based in the Barony of Carillion in the East Kingdom of the SCA.

"Libera Vivas!"

-May you live Free!

Offices & Positions

  • Mistress of Lists, Barony of Carillion, October 2013 - present
  • Exchequer, Barony of Carillion, March 2008 - October 2013

Event Staff

  • Head Troll/Reservationist - Bellringers 2014
  • Autocrat - Bellringers 2005
  • Co-Autocrat - May Day Daze 1994

Honours & Awards

  • Beacon of Carillion: September 2013 (Baronial Award for Arts and Sciences)
  • Order of the Larum Bell: 2013 (Baronial Award honors all those who raise arms to defend the Barony and to serve in the Baronial Levies at Pennsic War)
  • Award of the Golden Chime: 2005 (Award for singular acts of Service to Carillion) Given for repairs done to Baronial Thrones
  • Order of the Sable Bell: September 1992 at Lakewood Renfaire (Award for Significant Service to the Barony of Carillion)
  • Award of Arms: November 21, 1992 as Bridget O'Donnell


  • Co-Founder of House Hammerfall in 2013 with Corcran Mac Diarmata and Gericke der Keggar
  • Member of The Circle 2000-2013
  • Member Brotherhood of the Order
  • Associate member of House Winged Serpent
  • Former member House Bloodguard 1989-1991

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