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|photocaption = Before a day of fencing...
|photocaption = Before a day of fencing...
|location = Framingham, MA
|location = Framingham, MA
|status =  
|status = Active
|device = [[Image:BrighidArms.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:BrighidArms.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Per saltire vert and azure, four dragonflies argent.
|devicecaption = Per saltire vert and azure, four dragonflies argent.

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Before a day of fencing...
Resides:Framingham, MA
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Per saltire vert and azure, four dragonflies argent.
Awards & Offices
Court Baroness, Order of the Bronze Ring (GoA for Rapier), Order of the Evergreen (GoA for A&S), Order of the Royal Vanguard (former Kingdom champion), Award of the Dragon's Tooth, Award of the Purple Fret (AoA for Service), Order of the Willow (AoA for Arts), Order of the Cavendish Knot (AoA for Rapier), Award of Arms.
Holds no current offices.



Hello! I am Baroness Brighid, and I am new to the East! I like to meet people, so please say hello! I moved here in early 2010, and have sworn my fealty to fight with the East! :)

I am a courtier, a fencer, a royal court herald (I don't do book heraldry), a costumer, a scribe, a painter, a weaver, a terrible bard, an autocrat, and I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things.

I am a Warder of the Company of the Bronze Ring, and I was a cadet to Warder Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen. I have three cadets back in the Middle Kingdom: Andreas von Meissen, Lothair von Bremmen, and Saorla MacArdyle. I used to be known as the "Ringstalker" in my earlier days as I stalked down the Iron Ring frequently, and held it four times. I am a 'retired' member of Wednesday Company.

I am a member of the Order of the Evergreen - Grant of Arms for A&S - for costuming, scribal arts, and rapier. I focus primarily on 16th century clothing and I love the Renaissance quite a bit. I do blackworking and other embroidery, and I take a lot of fun in embellishing garb. I wear men's and women's garb with frequency - mostly men's garb for fencing. I enjoy making scrolls for people I know, and I enjoy a lot of pen and ink work to make scrolls look like 16th century prints. I used to do a lot of tablet weaving, and worked up to Egyptian diagonals, but I do not do that much anymore. I won Middle Kingdom Divisional Arts & Sciences Championship in 2008 with entries for embroidery, clothing construction, and knitting (I made woolen flatcaps much like on the Mary Rose). I am an Apprentice to Master Philippe de Lyon of the Middle Kingdom.

I have been a long-time royal court herald in the Middle Kingdom but haven't had the chance to do so in the East yet. I would like to! I also am an autocrat. I am a Protoge of Master Vhorlin Or' Gwig of the Middle Kingdom.

My registered name, which I do not use, is Bríghid inghean Chonmhaoil. I prefer Brighid MacCumhal. I was made a Baroness of the Middle Kingdom Court of Dag & Annelyse.


I don't really have a persona, per se. My SCA 'family' - Uadahlrich, Andreas, Lothair, and Peter - are Landskenechts, so I am the token non-Landskenecht in the group.

I like the 16th century. I love everything about the Renaissance. I love to play the role of the Courtier, and I am very much a Royalist (which is why I enjoy being a herald is it gives the opportunity for such things)!

I tend to dress in Renaissance men's clothing for fencing, and women's clothing for court, though I do occasionally wear 16th c Turkish because it's fun and what my best friend also does. :)

Offices & Positions

Rapier, Middle Kingdom:

Marshal of Fence, 1999-2010. Barony of Fenix Rapier Marshal, 2002-2004.

Pennsic War Command Staff, Middle Kingdom: General of the Rapier Army, 2009-2010. Kingdom XO of the Rapier Army, 2007-2009 Kingdom Rapier Scout Commander, 2004-2007 Kingdom Rattan Scout Commander, 2006? Regional Rattan Scout Commander, 2005?

Gulf Wars Rapier General for Middle Kingdom, 2005-2007

Pennsic Rapier Champion's Team, Middle Kingdom: 2003-2009 Gulf Wars Rapier Champion's Team, 2005-2006 Middle Kingdom Rapier Champion, 2003 South Oaken Regional Rapier Champion, Midrealm, 2003

Other Positions, Middle Kingdom:

Barony of Fenix Herald, 2007-2009 (I am a court herald and a field herald. I am sadly a terrible book herald.)

Event Staff

Autocrat, Known World Academy of the Rapier, 2008

Autocrat, Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament, 2008

Autocrat, Middle Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire, 2008

Autocrat, South Oaken Regional Arts & Sciences Faire, 2008

Co-Autocrat, Winter's End (Barony of Fenix, Middle Kingdom), 2009

Royal Court Herald, for various Royalty at various Events & Wars, 2007-2010

Marshal in Charge, Fencing, for various events hosted by the Barony of Fenix

Projects & Publications

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