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- Celtic Music in the SCA period
- Celtic Music in the SCA period
== Event Staff ==
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Assistant Chronicler 2008 -
Novice Schola 2010 - class scheduler
== Projects & Publications ==
== Projects & Publications ==

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Lady Barbeta Kyrkeland joined the SCA in early 2007 after attending Bergental Yule as a guest. She has served the Barony of Bergental as Luminary and Assistant Chronicler.

Barbeta's primary interest is in 16th century bobbin lace, but also includes various forms of embroidery, and singing alto in Concentus.


Name: Barbeta Kyrkeland nee Colville, widow Born: 1502 Strelley Manor near Nottingham, England. I am currently 50 years old. Currently living in Strelley Manor near Nottingham England to care for my neices Elizabeth (Betsy) age 17, and Margaret age 16.

parents: Lord William and Lady Catherine Colville, who lived on the manor estate that includes the village of Strelley. They died within 6 months of each other in 1522, but saw me married in 1520.

Family consists of older brother Thomas, younger sister Caroline, and younger brother Edward. Caroline is married to Lord Sheffield and lives at their manor in Bath. Lord Thomas has inherited the manor in Strelley. He is a widower with 2 girls not yet of age. I live with them and supervise their instruction. Lord Edward has inherited a smaller manor in Basford after service in the Royal Navy.

I was married to John Kyrkeland of Greenock, Scotland (near Glasgow) who died in 1536 of a debilitating illness. Our 3 sons Henry , Nathaniel, and James are grown – Nathaniel is an officer in the British Army, James is an officer in the Royal Navy. Henry is in charge of the estate in Greenock. John's influence in England was such that he was able to purchase the commissions for our sons.

I summer between the estate in Greenock and my husband's smaller estate at Inverness. In the Fall and Winter I stay in Strelley with my brother and nieces. We live comfortably in the manor house with ??servants. I supervise the tutors and teach the girls lady-like skills of needlework and some music. I play harp, lute, and violin, having learned at a young age.

arms awaiting approval: Vert, a hedgehog statant and on a chief Or three oak leaves bendwise sinister vert


- Introduction to Lace

- Celtic Music in the SCA period

Positions and Events

Positions Assistant Chronicler 2008 -

Events Novice Schola 2010 - class scheduler

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