Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs

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|device = [[Image:Device needed.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Heraldry Needed  
|devicecaption = Heraldry Needed  
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|badgecaption = Gratuitious Lily Guild
|badgecaption = Gratuitious Lily Guild
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Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs
Resides:Canton of Lions_End, Crown Province of Ostgardr
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Heraldry Needed

Gratuitious Lily Guild
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Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs is a retired Decurion of mixed Germanic/Celtic/Lombard ancestry, originally from Noricum (Austria). She served under Imperator Diocletian in the Equites Dalmatae Sagittorum. Stationed with the Roman Auxilia at Hadrian's Wall, she served a full and faithful tour of duty before settling near Pons Aelius (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) to run an inn. Aquilina is tolerated by the locals more than the average Roman soldier would be due to her red hair, but is more famed for her brewing. Not easy to do in the land of the Picts, but she matches with her strange honey-mead beverage the best heather ale the Cumbrians have to offer.

Aquilina is the Grand Poohbah of the facetiously named Gratuitous Lily Guild. The Guild's primary activity is to conduct a brewing contest at the John Barleycorn event, but has also been known to host "Brew Ha Ha"s (brewing workshops) and mead making demos.

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Canton of Lion's End, 1/?/2005 to 6/6/2007

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