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== More Information ==
== More Information ==
Mundanely, Angela Costello is a quasi-professional student at the University of Rhode Island, where she is studying Classical and Medieval History with a focus in archaeology and anthropology. Most of her research involves textiles and clothing.
Mundanely, Angela Costello is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where she majored in history and minored in classical studies. Most of her research involved textiles and clothing.

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Anna visits a Norman manor for Epiphany.(A Shire Twelfth Night 2013)
Status:Overactive, Hyperactive, Anachronistic and Impulsive
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Argent, A dolphin naiant sable, a bordure gules.
Awards & Offices
Award of Arms, Letters of Marque (Bridge), Award of the Lotus (A&S in Bridge), Pillar of the Bridge, Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger



Kyria Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina came to the Barony of the Bridge by ways of Trimaris in 2002, where she had been playing on and off for a few years during high school and college. She is garb diva, Man-At-Arms to Lord Tristan le Sauvage, a warranted marshal of fence and a pretty good brewer, too. She is painfully obsessed with all things Roman and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) and enjoys blabbing about her recent projects and teaching classes.

She is a member of the households Clan SITH, and Villa of the Black Dolphin, both in the line of Silver Dragon, and The Smoking Bridge Guild of Libation Brewers.

Anna replaced her missing cousin, Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa at court during Bridge Birthday 2012.

Visit her SCA blog:


Kyria Anna is a lady born of a high-ranking Greek family living in Saracen-controlled Sicily around the 11th century. She was married to a lower ranking prince of the Imperial family by proxy and moved to Constantinople in her early teens. She was rapidly caught up into dangerous court intrigue, and after nearly 20 years of grandiose Imperial life, her husband was mysteriously killed while turmoil reigned during a shifting of power in the Purple. Being that her family was of an opposing political view to the Emperor, she was placed under house arrest and is confined to the grounds of the Great Palace Complex overlooking Propontis (The Sea of Marmara).

Anna befriended several men of the Varangian Guard during her life in Constantinople, who often plot to get her out of the city. Unfortunately, their oath to the Emperor put their lives and pay in jeopardy, and the endangerment of her family is too great. So she spends her time dressing in expensive silks and linens, watching games at the Hippodrome, reading the classics, and flirting with the Norsemen.

Alternate Persona: Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa

Anna was born in the mid 16th century to a Spanish mother and Italian father. Anna found herself engrossed in the classics while working in the offices of her uncle's shipping company. After turning down several profitable marriage proposals, her uncle saw in her a better businessperson than noblewoman, and gave her the ship, La Delfina Nera (the Black Dolphin), to sponsor and run as her own corner of his larger conglomerate.

Disagreeing with the tribute demanded by the Spanish crown for them to continue to operate out of Naples, the Dauzzano clan packed up and relocated to Venice, which gave them greater access to the Eastern Mediterranean and the goods coming off of the Silk Road. Anna, along with her brother, Maximo, took La Delfina Nera to the island of Cyprus to be more strategically placed for trade with the Ottoman Empire out of Constantinople. This is a dangerous place to be, as the Ottomans continually press the Venetian merchants and shippers on the island, and threaten invasion.

Anna's ship was taken off the coast of Cyprus one fateful autumn afternoon, and she is now presumed dead. Rumor has it she was sold into the Sultan's harem.

Alternate-Alternate Persona: Numera Faustina Septima

Domina Faustina (Septima, if you know her well enough), was the seventh daughter of a Roman Tribune by the name of Numerus Faustinus, who served for many years in Britannia where he received high honors. Faustina, being of such a Patrician family, was married to an older senator, who she had little interest in except for his money.

Faustina enjoyed a life of pure Roman decadence. Hosting lavish feasts, spending her husband's money on expensive imported goods from the East, and laying about in the baths with the other debutantes and socialites gossiping day in a day out.

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Seneshal of Trollhaven, 2003-2004
  • Arts and Sciences Champion for the Barony of the Bridge, 2011-2012
  • Baronial Marshal of Rapier for Bridge 2012

Event Staff

  • Autocrat for Black Rose Ball, 2004
  • Autocrat for Black Rose Ball, again. 2010.
  • Co-Autocrat for the Coronation of Lucan VIII and Jana V, 04/02/2011.
  • Kitchen staff for Ice Weasel, 2012.
  • Co-Autocrat for Bridge Birthday 2012.

Projects & Publications

More Information

Mundanely, Angela Costello is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where she majored in history and minored in classical studies. Most of her research involved textiles and clothing.

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