Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa

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The Legitimate Businesswoman, herself.
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Signora Anna Dauzzano "Don't call me a Pirate" da Siracusa came to the Barony of the Bridge by ways of Trimaris in 2002, where she had been playing on and off for a few years during high school and college. She was garb diva, a legitimate businesswoman, Man-At-Arms to Lord Tristan le Sauvage, a warranted marshal of fence and a pretty good brewer, too. She enjoyed blabbing about her recent projects and teaching classes.

She was a member of the households Clan SITH, and Villa del Delfina Nera, both in the line of Silver Dragon.

During a visit to the Kingdom of Northshield in June of 2012, Anna was deceived and "taken hostage" by the kingdom, causing Master Padraig MacEinruig to call to arms the men of the Freehold of the River Keep to rescue her at Pennsic War. Although returned safely to the East, Anna's crew revolted against her, and she mysteriously disappeared in November of 2012.

Her cousin, Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina, joined the court in her place at Bridge Birthday 2012.

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