Alijna van den Oostenbrugge

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Alijna at Northern Region War Camp, Shire of Glenn Linn, A.S. XXXIV.
Resides:Barony of Concordia of the Snows
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Vert, a unicorn rampant sinister argent, a chief argent with three pomegranates gules. (Unregistered)
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Ali joined the SCA in late winter of 2001. Her first two events were the Midwinter Melee Muster and Winterstorm of that year. Her primary interests revolved around garbmaking and dance, until her travels took her to the Barony of Twin Moons in Atenveldt for a four year hiatus from the SCA. Returned unto her home barony of Concordia in 2009 with brand new daughter in tow, she is happily attempting to find a solid place for herself in both community and hobby.

Her four year old daughter, Aurora of Twin Moons, is just getting her feet wet.


Alijna van den Oostenbrugge (pronounced 'Alina', just like her mundane name,) was born in 1483, and raised in Aemsterdam in the Netherlands. She is born of a noble painter father and a midwife mother, though much to the surprise (and outrage) of her parents it was painting she became infatuated with, not midwifery. While traveling with her father so that he might be commissioned for portraiture, she came to the hall of a young nobleman on the northern coast of Germany, Albrecht von der Meer. There she became his mistress and bore him an illegitimate daughter, before fleeing and arriving in Concordia.

Here she pursues her studies as a painter, raises her daughter, and enjoys the company of her Bard friends in the Vestfell Farmstead.


  • Ali chose van den Oostenbrugge as her persona's surname based on research she's done on her own Dutch ancestors.
  • She has been to two Pennsics, 31 and 32.
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