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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
Title Name. SCA Biography. Selected Awards (the Wiki is not the place to do a full awards list).
AKA: Eydis.
[[Image:Alheydis von Riga2.jpg|thumb|left|220px|text.<BR>(photo by)]]
[[Image:Alheydis von Riga2.jpg|thumb|left|220px|text.<BR>(photo by)]]
== Persona ==
== Persona ==

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Image:Alheydis von Riga.jpg
Alheydis von Riga
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Image:Alheydis von Riga device.gif
Sable, three bars wavy and in chief an otter statant regardant argent .


Awards & Offices

Queen's Honour of Distinction



AKA: Eydis.

text.(photo by)
(photo by)


Alheydis is the daughter of German merchants who settled in Riga after its inclusion in the Hanseatic League. Not one to be content with the life of a merchant, Alheydis took up the cross to campaign against the pagans and Rus of Novgorod. Having fallen in with a crusading order she quickly became their most zealous convert, earning the nickname 'the Evangelist' for her tireless efforts to convert those not familiar with the 'Ways of the Dude'.

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