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My name is Aidan (Aedan) The Hostile. I was born in 925 AD in northern Pictland. I am the son of a Viking raider and a Pictish maiden. At the age of 13 I left my homeland with the only thing I have linking me to my father ( his Seax) to find him. I traveled through Scandinavia and joined a ship heading to Constantinople. We sailed across the Baltic Sea and down the Dnieper River setting port in many cities along the way. Along the way we were joined by many Keivan Rus bound for the same destination. I found myself intruiged by the different cultures we allied and clashed with. Being the youngest on board, I was treated harshly at first, but eventually earned a great deal of respect from my crewmates. Some even adopted me as a little brother. Constantinople, my friends is a true mecca. Hundreds of cultures mingle there. Rus, Magyar, Viking, Roman, Greek, the list goes on. There are treasures beyond belief. I was stranded there for many years and found myself drawn to a lost sect devoted to Pan and Baccuus. I took Pan as my Patron God for he reminded my so of the horned one my mother spoke of so much. Eventually I acquired enough riches to leave and return home. So here I stand on Nordic shores once again, almost 20 years later, a grown man still intent on finding my father.

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