Aaron the Arrowsmith

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Lord Aaron the Arrowsmith
Resides:Barony of Carillion
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Heraldry Needed
Awards & Offices


Persona & Biography

Lord Aaron the Arrowsmith

This wandering Jewish weapons salesmen has wandered the countryside for many years. The clothing he is seen in is often a mix of traditional garb from the path he has traveled. Arron's involvement along his path includes: Past Baronial captain of the archers, current Southern Region Lt. General of Archers, Past Seneschal of the Barony of Carillion, current Deputy Seneschal of the Barony of Carillion and autocrat for many local and Kingdom level events. While interests are primarily in fletching and teaching the same Aaron also has his hands in wood working, pewter casting, leather work, and assorted textile crafts. He is recognizes as a grand master bowman and is a member of the order of the Sagittarius.

Offices & Positions - Present

Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Carillion, Jan 2008 - Present

Southern Region Lt. General of Archers,

Offices & Positions - Past

Past Seneschal, Barony of Carillion,

Past Captain of the Archers, Barony of Carillion,




Wood working

Pewter casting

Leather work

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