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Lady Simona bat Leon
Resides:Shire of Quintavia
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Per pale azure and argent vetu, a mullet of six points between three bees, all counterchanged
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Member of House Strangewayes


Simona is the eldest daughter of a Jewish merchant family. As there are no sons, she has spent much of her time learning the family business. This was done with the understanding that when she married, she would be able to asisst her husband in continuing the family trade.

However, as she was still unmarried when her father vanished on a trade mission, she took over the business. Since then, she has allied herself with other women in similar situations, so that she might continue to sustain her family.

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  • Troll, Palio di Stonemarche 2011
  • Event Staff (Hive-Autocrat), Stonemarche Baronial Birthday 2011
  • Troll, Birka, 2012
  • Troll, Kings and Queen's Rapier, 02/04/2012

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