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The Kingdom Chatelaine is responsible for the introduction and education of new members in the culture and customs of the Society.

Chatelaines of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Merlynia of Rivenoak April 1987
Juliana da Mestre February 1991
Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham January 1995
Caitlin Ó hAodha July 1996
Eleri of Nefyn February 1997
Irene Lenoir February 2001
Angharad verch Rees March 2005
Alison Wodehalle January 31, 2009

Officers of the East Kingdom
Offices: Crown, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Chronicler, Exchequer, Herald, Lists, Marshal, Seneschal, Signet, Web, Youth
Officer Groups: College of Heralds, Pikestaff, University, War College
Other Information: Kingdom Law, Greater Officers of State, Lesser Officers of State
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