Hassan Abd-el Raschid al-Turki

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The Honorable Lord Hassan the Turk


Hassan the Turk is a half breed Seljuk Turk general ne're-do-well and wanderer about who lived during the era of the 3rd crusade. (1140-1218 A.D.) During his life Hassan was many things. A Pirate, a Mercenary, a Brothel keeper, a Caravan guard, a Merchant, Hired Muscle, and a retainer to the mighty. After an epiphany on the battle field at Hattin, he began to follow the Sufi path and spent the rest of his life as a wandering Dervish. As a "sailor", and merchant, he has traveled extensively, Ranging as far east as India, as far south as Timbuktu, as far West as England, and as far north as Novgorod. Hassan speaks Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Latin, and can make himself understood in Frankish, Greek, and Hebrew.

In Society, Malik Effendi, Al-Haaji, Hassan Abd-El Raschid, Ibn Yussuf, Ibn, Ishmael, Ibn Arbat, Called the Turk, has been involved in the SCA since 1982, and has been Chieftain of House 3 Skulls for 30 years. Save for last years, he has attended every Pennsic War since Pennsic 11. He has been a heavy list fighter, and archer. He has dabbled in cooking, heraldry, event planning, trolling, armor making, shooting Black Powder Weapons, thrown weapons, and diverse arts and sciences. He plans to become involved with light list next. He resides in the barony of AnDubheaigeinn, in the Southern region of the East Kingdom. He holds a grant of arms, and an award of arms.

Offices & Positions

  • Chieftain House 3 Skulls 1984-2014
  • An Dubhaigeainn Baronial Archery Champion for 2 years (don't recall dates)


  • Hassan abdul Raschid al-Turki
 11/10/2007  Grant of Arms
 09/13/1997  Award of Arms
 05/16/2009  Silvanus Doke (An Dubhaigeainn)

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