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  • It is a fearsome and mighty thing.
  • It is rumored that it once killed a man, though we cannot confirm this as the mustache left no witnesses.
  • It has been declared illegal in 14 countries, and all of Antarctica.
  • Ansteoran's have declared it is not list legal due to its intimidation factor.
  • Atlanteans complain about its calibration. "That mustache hits like a truck," complained a Provost who wished to remain anonymous.
  • The reason why the Stig on Top Gear is never seen without a helmet is due to his jealousy of the mustache.
  • It makes Davius St. Jacques cry on sight.
  • Frasier has to buy two SCA memberships, one for himself and one for the mustache.
  • The mustache was denied entry in crown tourney to ensure a fair list for everyone.
  • Frasier's mustache always makes it to events on time, because traffic never slows it down.
  • Fear of Frasier's mustache is called logic.
  • Frasier's Mustache is 280% too dreamy to become Queen's Champion. It'd blow the curve.
  • Frasier's mustache slapped Bobby Flay with an entire tuna on Iron Chef.
  • Superman put a life-model of Frasier's mustache over his front door.
  • Frasier's mustache was originally cast to play Iron Man but there were scheduling conflicts.
  • Frasier's mustache once played drums for Spinal Tap.
  • Frasier's mustache beat up Chuck Norris' beard.
  • In spite of this -- or because of this -- Chuck Norris now wears Frasier's mustache pajamas.
  • Frasier's mustache knows how Game of Thrones ends.
  • Frasier's mustache never commits a party foul.
  • Frasier's mustache once got a 10 from the East German judge.
  • Frasier's mustache can only be trimmed by a knife forged at midnight and quenched in the darkest beer.
  • Frasier's mustache drinks Brennan's Coffee
  • Frasier's mustache is jealous of Kenric's Manly Beard
  • Frasier's Mustache is *everyone's* bad influence (quote by Donovan Shinnock)
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