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Lord Dankwert " Danx" Bathory RSL; OT first found medievalism at the age of 19 in the form of a boffer group outside the SCA. From there he met the man who brought him into the SCA and forever changed his life for the better. To this day, he is eternally grateful to that friend, Lord Vladimir Bathory of Serpentius. It was not until a year and a half later, March 20th, 1996, that Vlad brought him to a Kingdom of Acre event in Stirling, NJ and subsequently SCA events. Together they started a small and short-lived monastic household that sooned was absorbed by House Bloodguard. After a few years, Dankwert's thirst for partying led him to the tough decision to move on from his brothers in Bloodguard to a more laid back swamp household called Clan of the Northern Lynx. His love for fighting and the guys in Bloodguard made him stay on the field despite being in a non-martial household. After four years, Danx felt the need to combine his desires for the battlefield by day and the party scene at night so he created Surtr's Brood. The experiences he had in both Northern Lynx and Bloodguard have heavy influences in the Brood. Surtr's Brood attended their first event, 100 minutes war in November of 2004.


Born in 1440 to Lord Vladimir Bathory (Germanic/Hungarian) and Corvina Bathory (Walachian) in the city of Târgoviste. Due to invasions from Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, little Dankwert was hidden in a Roman-Catholic monastery in Messina, the Sacred Brotherhood of St. Uriel the Arch-Angel until he came of age. At 15, he returned home to serve under his father, presiding over the Bathory manor. They were loyal to Vlad III and among the few spared from his boyar genocide. Dankwert served under Tepes defending against Mehmet and fled to the East Kingdom when Vlad was assassinated in 1477 to serve Lucan and Elspeth.

Offices & Positions

  • Knight Marshal of An Dubhaigeainn, Former Baronial Champion of An Dubhaigeainn, Former Queen's Bardic Champion, Commander of Surtr's Brood since 2004

Event Staff

Co-Autocrat, St. Andrews Gets Bit By Dracula, 11/09/2013

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 11/17/2007  Companion of the Troubadour 
 Pennsic 31 (No date) Award of the Sapphire (Midrealm) - Valharic I and Alys
 04/24/1999  Award of Arms
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