East Kingdom Heralds by Branch

Erin Duskin
Scadian Name
Local group
An Dubhaigeanin, Barony of   Suzanne de Londres
Anglespur, Shire of   Siobhan MacConmara
Ar n-Eilean-ne, Shire of   VACANT
Aschehyrst, Canton of   VACANT
Barren Sands, Shire of   Morwyn Edain
Bergental, Barony of   Detharlion of Nottingham
Beyond the Mountain, Barony   Emme Attewater
Bhakail, Barony of   Robin Gallowglass Christopher Jameson - Deputy
Black Rose, Shire of   Eleazar ha-Levi (Reb)
Boise Ardent, Canton of   VACANT
Bowman's Rest, Canton of   Vacant
Bridge, Barony of the   Jake de Twelfoaks
Buckland Cross, Shire of   Steinhard Helmschrot
Caer Adamant, Shire of   Marietta da Firenze
Carillion, Barony of   Gwalchmai ap Talan
Carolingia, Barony of   Shi Hua Fu
Coill Tuar, Sire of   Diana Kiddler
Coldwood, Sire of   Edouard Chartier
Concordia of the Snows, Barony of   Vacant Grim the Skald - Deputy
Distant Shore, Canton of   Wynfri­ Št Huntandune
Dragon Forge, Canton of   Ivanor M'Quhairr of Sighty Crag
Dragon's Aerie, Canton of   VACANT
Dragonship Haven, Barony of   Edward Dragonslayer
Eisental, Shire of   Kat'ryna Neblaga Volchkova Mary of the Stuwes - Deputy
Endewearde, Shire of   Brita Mairi Svensdottir
Fennbrycg, Canton of   VACANT
Forestgate, Canton of   VACANT
Frosted Hills, Shire of   Alistrina de Mann
Giant's Gate, Canton of   Morwenna Durward
Glean na Feorag Dubh, Canton of   Deiniol ap Gwrgwst - Book Herald William Fitzwater - Voice Herald
Glenn Linn, Shire of   Moreta Atte Birchwoode
GryphonWald, Canton of   Gardr Gunnarsson
Hartshorn-dale, Shire of   Scolastica la souriete Lilia de Vaux - Deputy Alison Wodehalle - Deputy
Havre des Glaces, Barony of   Arthur de Beaumont
Iron Bog, Shire of   Druetta Della Rosa
Ivyeinrust, Bailiwick of   Brunisende Dragonette do Broceliande
Keep by the Endless Sea, Canton of the   Avraham haRofeh
Le Dragonet, Shire of   Robin dit Dessaint
Les Sylves Constellees, Shire of   VACANT
L'ile du Dragon Dormant, Shire of   Amaury de PÚrigny
Lion's End, Canton of   Ulrich von Rothenburg
Lyndhaven, Shire of   Hlaford Aethelwulf Stealcere
Malagentia, Province of   Marcus Blackaert
Marwick, Canton of   Emeline Patterson
Montevale, Shire of   Cahan Kyle
Mountain Freehold, Shire of   Santiago Pescador
Nordenhalle, Shire of   Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
Northern Outpost, Shire of   Ian MacDonald
Northpass, Canton of   Vacant
Ostgardr, Crown Province of   Yosef ben Lazar
Owls Reste, Shire of   Jadwiga
Panther Vale, Shire of   Ivan Sergeavich Scherbatskoy
Quintavia, Shire of   VACANT Isabel of Rosley - Deputy
Ravenhill, Canton of   Elouise of Coulter
River Stone, Shire of   VACANT
Rives d'Estnordia, Canton of   VACANT
Ruantallan, Barony of   Katheryne Thompson of Melton-Mowbray
Rusted Woodlands, Shire of   Erlandr Nordskald Zachary Wolfhunter - Deputy
Sandmork, Canton of   VACANT
Sea Tyger's Rhyn, Canton of   Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd
Seashire, Canton of   Lachlan Mac an Toisich
Settmour Swamp, Barony of   Alys Mackyntoich
Silver Rylle, Shire of  
Smithwick, Shire of   Aryna Lyon
Smoking Rocks, Barony of   Aceline Barrett of Seven Oaks
Stonemarche, Barony of   Anders Botman
Tir Mydydd, Canton of   Gudren Gudmunderdottir
Towers, Canton of The   Segnat ingeann Donnchada
Trollhaven, Canton of   VACANT
Vieux Bourg, Canton of   VACANT
Whyt Whey, Canton of   Sancha de Flores
Wolfsgate, Canton of   Niniae of Witches Oak
Wyndhame, Shire of   VACANT
Ynys Y Gwaed, Canton of   Conn mac Brenain Sinoid

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