Credit for Artwork used on this Website

The East Kingdom Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild would like to thank its first Webminister, Lady Shannon Gallowglass, for the original concept, page layout, and design of the website; for the large amount of original artwork she created for the website, including the Guild badge; and for all the writing and wordsmithing of original copy she wrote for the website.

We would like to thank our current Webminister, Lord Corwyn Ravenwing, for his continuation of her good work and for keeping the website up-to-date.

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Artwork Copyright Credit
EKHAG Device Mortar & Pestle parchment
Tisane Logo (for newsletter) Tisane Logo (for website)
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Copyright 2003-2006 Ann Golian (Shannon Gallowglass). Used with permission*.

* grants blanket re-publication permission, for the images listed in this section, to any recognized SCA website, provided the preceeding Copyright notice accompanies the image.
cat drawing of chinese male Chinese symbol Dill Barrel of flowers Drinking friar ivy lavender lavender plant parsley plants tansy image 1 tansy image 2 Rosemary chain Blue Spiral Dividing Line From Dover copyright-free images. They were given due copyright notice in the Tisane issue where they appeared: do not need separate notice.
Top navigation images ("Charter", "Tisane", etc.)
EKHAG Logo page header
Copyright 2003-2006 Lady Shannon Gallowglass. Used with permission.
Photo of Guild Charter scroll Photographer: UNKNOWN. Cannot be published until the photographer is identified and gives publication permission. Does anyone know who took this photo?
Photos taken at GNE Guild Meeting Photographer: Lady Liadan. By the way, can someone tell me what a "GNE" is and when we held a guild meeting there?
Photos taken at Symposium 2002 Photographer: Mistress Rhianwen. Used by permission.
Photo of museum garden
Photo out garden door
Source: UNKNOWN. Came from another copyright-free image gallery but we don't remember which one. Cannot be published until we determine what website they came from.
The guild Charter text; The guild Charter Scroll as a work of art Wordsmithing, calligraphy, and illumination by Johanna le Mercer, used by permission.
The guild Newsletter, the Tisane Compilation and PDF translation copyright the Guild Chronicler, Johanna le Mercer. Each article is copyright by its author. Used by permission.
The guild Trifold Brochure Compilation, text, and PDF translation copyright Johanna le Mercer. Used by permission.
The Class Notes section The teacher of each class retains copyright on their class notes. Used by permission.